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  • Let them instruct her.
  • You want us to instruct your servant.
  • I will then instruct thee what thou shalt do.
  • The experiment station cannot instruct the young.
  • I ought, instruct me how to recollect.
  • Then it was that he decided to go to instruct Miliuc.
  • Graves came over to instruct Joe in the duelling art.
  • For his God doth instruct him aright, and doth teach him.
  • Many parents begin to instruct their children after they have spoiled them.
  • Are we parents she will instruct us in our duties as parents.
  • His father began to instruct him when he was only in his fifth year.
  • I am going to tell her to go for the nurse and instruct her to remain here.
  • She also directed a select few, an academy, to instruct and distract herself.
  • A French book on the subject was translated to instruct the colonists.
  • Whose ancient Books instruct us all to render Eye for eye justice!

How To Use Instruct In A Sentence?

  • That was done in order to instruct the distant people, and to make friends everywhere.
  • We should endeavour, rather, to instruct them, and bring them to a better mind.
  • Every great man wishes to leave behind some monument of his labors, to bless or instruct mankind.
  • Biographies, therefore, ought to be intended, not to mislead readers, but to instruct them.
  • But for my pains Grey threatened to pistol me if I presumed to instruct him in his duty.
  • In-out class commands instruct TC to the type of information transfer and select the tape unit.
  • He thought, however, that Mr. Knox might instruct America in the real meaning of it.
  • Several of the churches in town had shown indecision as to how to instruct their parishioners to treat him.
  • She was a conscientious little student and extremely happy with the governess who came daily to instruct her.
  • The intention of this book is primarily to be amusing; but it will be strange if it do not instruct as well.
  • Patrick baptized them, and blessed veils on their heads, and left a senior with them to instruct them.
  • He began to instruct her, and to persuade her with efficacious reasons to hate her idolatries and to have sorrow for her sins.
  • She had the perky, jaunty quality of someone who could instruct her nervous system to manufacture endorphin and adrenaline at will.
  • For ministers to instruct the people he founde only three authorized, two others who never received their orders.
  • You should rather have a partner to be instructed, than a partner to instruct you; for he that teaches you, will always taunt you.
  • I hereby instruct the secretary to cast the unanimous ballot of the Association for the list of officers as read.
  • He besought her to instruct him in the nature of the Sirens, and by what method their baneful allurements were to be resisted.
  • No sooner had he left the open country, and entered the woods, than he began to instruct the men in their new duties.
  • Naval officers were immediately sent to Gibraltar to instruct the merchant masters in the details of assembling and conducting vessels.
  • If I don't pay, you may instruct your excellent grandson to crack me over the head.
  • Nugent placed it on his lap, and, idly fingering the catch, proceeded to instruct his servant on various household matters.
  • They will have the rank and position of corporals, and will specially instruct the men in woodcraft, and in the ways of the Indians.
  • I then set myself to work to instruct him in the deeper mysteries of our belief, and to make him, not only in name, but in heart a Christian.
  • To win souls to Christ and instruct them aright from the word of God, have been his aims during his ministry.
  • A prince, or legislator, ought never to found a colony without previously sending wise men there to instruct the youth....

Definition of Instruct

(obsolete) Arranged; furnished; provided. | (obsolete) Instructed; taught; enlightened. | (transitive) To teach by giving instructions.
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