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  • The insults they cast her?
  • His insults were more than his wife could bear.
  • Wrongs unredressed, or insults unavenged.
  • What insults an' snubs they've to tak!
  • A drunken wild man kills his cow or insults his wife.
  • For the insults of the year When she took the Guerriere.
  • The only wise policy was for me to ignore all insults and threats.
  • Sprott began to persecute him with a series of petty insults and injuries.
  • The boys of the town flung insults at the priest as he passed.
  • They couldn't let such insults go unnoticed.
  • And he sang and whistled and belched forth insults and hideous blasphemies.
  • She was used to insults and vulgar language; they made me ill.
  • But now the rule is reversed, man binds and insults over iron.
  • Parliament rang with vituperation; personal insults flew back and forth.
  • But Bishop Chuff was not the man to take these insults tamely.
  • And for another I hadn't cared at all for his insults to me.
  • After all, he told himself, he had but to bear Lumley's insults for a time.

How To Use Insults In A Sentence?

  • Their suspicions and insults were to him as the curses of a tramp whom he passed by the wayside.
  • Iden was in reality a very proud man, and the insults of his petty creditors fretted him.
  • He need no longer sit down tamely under an injustice, or submit to insults in silence.
  • She mistook my rage at the gratuitous insults Spalton had heaped on me as despondency.
  • And lent his aid their insults to repay, Repel the britons and to win the day.
  • This policy, as soon as exposed, and not before bitter insults to herself, England resisted.
  • Mark my words, I'll pocket yer insults no longer, an' you in a temperance lodge.
  • Most screamed insults and profanity while others screamed at him calling him a blasphemer and a heretic.
  • Haven't you been throwing insults at me from the columns of your rag these six weeks past?
  • There are people whose signature has no more significance at the end of a letter of insults than it has value at the bottom of a cheque.
  • The book will turn up sometime; meanwhile myself and all my friends will be continually annoyed by your insults and threats.
  • I might have studied even at our theatres, where a mockery of prayer often insults both taste and decency.
  • His quiet dignity was unruffled by the insults heaped upon him, and he looked proudly conscious of his innocence.
  • They exchanged jokes and friendly insults until they had gone much further than they realized, and were forced to turn back.
  • Such things are mere insults to common sense, and only unfit us for feeling the nobility of their prototypes.
  • Heavy objects, by the score, were thrown against the door of my cell; and the most abominable insults were hurled at me.
  • The wretched men were stripped stark naked in proof of their inability to pay, and stood there exposed to the insults of their creditors.
  • And without looking at anything, she threw a string of insults at the barber, hiding behind the partition in his shop.
  • She pretended to obey him, but she revolted in her whole being, and the string of bitter insults which he heaped upon her rang in her head.
  • He was strong and athletic, and the insults which the spy had cast upon Lola had caused him to lose his temper.
  • The figures of Christ and of his saints were thus protected from the ribaldry and insults of the Pagans.
  • But as soon as the round had passed, the din began afresh, and the insults and the threats were even worse than before....
  • Dock Vincent paid no attention to the polished insults of the steward, but seated himself on a stool, at the side of the table.

Definition of Insults

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of insult | plural of insult
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