Insures In A Sentence

Definition of Insures

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of insure

How To Use Insures In A Sentence?

  • It also insures a massing of the effect of the idea for which the section stands.
  • It promulgates the spirit of international agreement and insures universal peace.
  • A fence regulates the position of the cut and insures the sides of the cut being parallel.
  • The vividness with which the idea is impressed insures the use of similar verbal clothing.
  • The odd number insures a majority decision in case of any difference of opinion among them.
  • His presence insures the absence forever of death, and mourning, and pain, and crying.
  • His death was the price of our redemption; His life insures liberty to the believer.
  • It is that fixed foundation which insures the progress and stability of the body politic and the illumination of humanity.
  • I have a device which answers all the purpose of a healthful stimulus, and insures some of the lawful rewards of industry.
  • This insures contact between the dressing and the exposed surface, as well as any benefit derivable from pressure.
  • This insures getting the hole exactly in the center, and it will not be cut into while the cutting of the groove of the spiral proceeds.
  • Any expression, however, which responds to the larger life gains a vitality which insures its continuance.
  • As those cocoanuts are full of milk, that insures us life for a week or two if we go on a short ration.
  • They have a wealth of men to fill important posts, and the vigilance of party criticism insures the selection of a competent person.
  • If a knife be spun round, care should be taken to spin it back again, otherwise it insures bad luck.
  • Pratt's wealth, my connection, with an institution, insures a tremendous scare-head.
  • This breath pressure insures the strength and, while holding the note to the focusing point on the palate, insures its pitch.
  • However, the feeding of one light feed of mash a day is advantageous as it insures adequate feed for their need and promotes quicker growth.
  • While it promises no brilliant reward, it insures a steady, reliable, and sufficient return for the capital and labor invested in it.
  • The slightest alteration possible, in the pitch of an instrument, insures the best results, so far as standing in tune is concerned.
  • This insures a group of young shoots, crowded with leaves, on the ends of branches, and a dense outer dome of foliage on the tree.
  • This allows for overload, which is bound to occur occasionally; and it also insures smooth running, easy governing, and the highest efficiency.
  • The clean, cool, calm stable is much to their liking, and the regular diet of a first-class cow-kitchen insures a uniform flow of milk.
  • Oswald had never learned to gulp down the little lie which insures a flattering attention; his clever father had even encouraged it in him as the nucleus of imagination.
  • My office descends from generation to generation; it insures to the holder not only a good house and landed property, but an income of no mean amount.
  • The first and greatest benefit of government is that it keeps the peace, that it insures every man his right, and not only that, but the permanence of it.
  • The effect of the evanescent light thus produced is very peculiar, but the number of insects employed insures a sufficiently steady effect for ordinary purposes.
  • Complete possession of the thought, which alone insures perfect expression, requires a grasp of the situation out of which it was born and an appreciation of the mind which conceived it.
  • They have then abjured this religion, fit only to fill the soul with inquietudes, that they might find in the bosom of reason the repose which it insures to good sense.
  • To each of these catches a light blade spring is attached, which insures them being sprung upon the top of the knife, and thereby obtaining a certain lift.
  • Variation offers constantly new modifications of the type, while heredity insures that the modifications produced in the machine by the influences which give rise to the variations shall be permanently fixed.
  • It is not necessary to change the water, but cutting the ends slanting and under water every few days insures the unimpeded flow of the water up the stems and the more rapid development of the buds you are watching.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Insures | Insures Sentence

  • The instrument is silent and so insures secrecy.
  • He insures the ultimate protection of the fruit.
  • This also insures it being cooked evenly.
  • Spiritual progress insures the happiness and eternal continuance of the soul.
  • For such a mode of entry insures great clearness of perception.
  • This device only insures that the torpedo shall travel horizontally.
  • To find money and keep it insures good luck through the year.
  • He insures himself in every transaction, and likes small and sure gains.

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