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  • A little integrity is better than any career.
  • What security have we for the integrity of our common law?
  • Let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts.
  • To defend the integrity of Belgium; and 3.
  • This constitutes Integrity or Honesty.
  • His prime duty consisted in deference to the integrity of his own mind.
  • The strictest principles of integrity and honor, are his only safety.
  • But all rests at last on that integrity which dwarfs talent, and can spare it.
  • Further, that we shall not disturb the integrity and independence of Belgium.
  • The United States also guaranteed the integrity of the territory of Nicaragua.

How To Use Integrity In A Sentence?

  • He also was conscious of the integrity of his purpose as far as she was concerned.
  • There was no evidence which impeached his official or personal integrity in business.
  • I should be indeed a fool to destroy the credit or injure the integrity of my own dominion.
  • The examination gave evidence of integrity and of entire freedom from duplicity.
  • It grows largely out of simplicity and is the product of integrity of mind and heart.
  • Men are beginning to realize the integrity of mankind, and a world-consciousness is arising.
  • Stanislas Augustus was silenced before an integrity that would not bend before him.
  • Herkimer was a citizen noted for his integrity and had been made a brigadier-general in the provincial army.
  • This supposition does as little credit to their integrity as their wisdom: it makes them at once hypocrites and fools.
  • If there was no cultivation, there was no art; if there was no refinement, there were integrity and good will.
  • He did not try to evade the man's tremendous veracity, his integrity of being, his inevitableness.
  • This authority is valuable as proving or as tending to prove, that inconsistencies in opinion may be consistent with integrity of purpose.
  • Pray accept my heartfelt thanks for the zeal, rectitude, and integrity with which you have conducted the education of my nephew.
  • If we are admitted to the friendship of men of honor, integrity and principle, people will come to believe in us.
  • He speaks very little; and, luckily for him, that little only with those on whose integrity he can rely not to repeat him.
  • It speaks volumes for the integrity of Luther that both sides were willing to permit him to arbitrate their differences.
  • The true value of every sort of journalism, and of discussion also, is in its integrity much more than in its ability.
  • None ever doubted his firmness, and the general conviction of his integrity was founded on a rock that could neither be undermined nor overthrown.
  • Patriotism, standing for the integrity of historic entities, makes the world a world of nations having separate and conflicting wills.
  • After so much bloodshed we wish for a peace which will free races, and restore the integrity of nations....
  • Necker stands out preeminently for her strict moral integrity and fidelity to her marriage relations, Mme.
  • Its honour and integrity are in their hands; and they hate each other with the pure, poisonous, passionate hatred which makes towns grow.
  • From the Carters we turn to a man of a very different type, who made his way to wealth by sterling integrity and honesty of purpose.
  • For the quality she felt in Vetch was a profound moral integrity, an integrity which was bred by nature in the innermost fibre of the man.
  • These ideal values and the integrity of the appearance of supremacy, are sustained by the assumption of the forms of empire or the imperialistic attitude.
  • The object of these stories is the inculcation, in a quiet, simple way, of the principles of good nature, kindness, and integrity among children.
  • In Congress and outside, they made steady, bitter menacing attacks on the integrity and honesty of the Republicans.
  • We soon had a vast throng of these fugitives dammed up in our front, a terrible menace to the integrity of our own line as well as of all in our rear.
  • Now it is much to be noted that this special gift of integrity would not be connatural to man, that is, not given to him by force of his nature itself.
  • Up to the point where the assailants conquered, or died, it secured and maintained during the most critical moment of all the integrity of the allied line.

Definition of Integrity

Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. | The state of being wholesome; unimpaired | The quality or condition of being complete; pure
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