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  • Your intellect went on working.
  • His intellect was not for a moment clouded.
  • You want your intellect to march?
  • Just as much intellect as you add, so much organic power.
  • The character of Chinese intellect and Chinese science.
  • There is an intimate interdependence of intellect and morals.
  • Beauty is the form under which the intellect prefers to study the world.
  • From out whose depths the prisoned fires Of intellect are gleaming.
  • He had as fine an intellect as any man I ever met, and was a great gentleman.
  • Even the aristocracy of intellect does not count in the people's university.

How To Use Intellect In A Sentence?

  • Books in a special manner represent intellect to those who can appreciate them.
  • It is regrettable that his fine intellect was darkened by bigotry and intolerance.
  • I never realized before how little use an intellect is in this matter of food values.
  • He wrote in an early satire as a man whom the intellect had liberated from dogma-worship.
  • The intellect is stunned by the shock, and but gropingly gathers the meaning of the words.
  • The Ode on Immortality is the high-water mark which the intellect has reached in this age.
  • How I wish some great Babbage-like intellect would bestir itself in this inquiry.
  • He was too deficient in the highest kind of imagination and intellect to achieve the greatest things.
  • A certain intemperance of intellect is the disease of the time, and the source of all its other diseases.
  • The intellect is stimulated by the statement of truth in a trope, and the will by clothing the laws of life in illusions.
  • The treasures of heaven are not negations of passion but realities of intellect from which the passions emanate uncurbed in their eternal glory.
  • But every jet of chaos which threatens to exterminate us, is convertible by intellect into wholesome force.
  • But the aspiring and ardent nature of his intellect made him love to attempt also constant experiments in the theme and in the style.
  • His keen intellect and the remarkably sound judgment which he possessed for one of his years gave great promise of a brilliant future.
  • Be it as it may, men of vast intellect have been born on their soil, and they have made or applied the principal inventions.
  • With an intellect that challenged any rivalry, he had, in all that touched worldly matters, the simplicity of a child.
  • Those arguments are, perhaps, as ingenious and plausible as it is possible for the human intellect to invent in the defence of such a cause.
  • Again you tell us that instinct depends upon brain structure in every instance; then what is the difference between instinct and intellect or mind?
  • It is not easy to account for an infinite God making people so low in the scale of intellect as to require a revelation.
  • The intellect is for them a useless lumber; they cease to be men; they lose their personality, their liberty, their property.
  • Martin received the title of "Blue" after his name, because of his great intellect and he did not abstain from using it.
  • Closely allied to the vampire is the were-wolf, which, however, instead of devouring the intellect of human beings, feeds only on their flesh.
  • His English education, at one of the great public schools, had preserved his intellect perfectly and permanently at the stage of boyhood.
  • Dinah, whose mind was soon freed from rust, and whose intellect was by no means narrow, had ere long taken literary measure of her idol.
  • One can quite easily understand how the gluttony of many publishers for anecdotes has driven writers with a respect for their intellect into revolt.
  • A Man once appeared on earth, of perfect originality; and in him, to an unbounded intellect was added boundless moral power.
  • Stevenson, indeed, is commonly dismissed as a pretty-pretty writer, a word-taster without intellect or passion, a juggler rather than an artist.
  • In Longfellow the appeal is constantly to a heart which is not disassociated from a brain; in Emerson the appeal is often to the intellect alone.
  • What can reconcile the man of powerful intellect to the consciousness that he has passed through life a cipher, and left nothing behind him but a tomb?
  • Only those usually unused to thought can tell of the dreadful addled feeling of helplessness which comes upon the muddled intellect during its first feeble struggles into work.

Definition of Intellect

the faculty of thinking, judging, abstract reasoning, and conceptual understanding; the cognitive faculty (uncountable) | the capacity of that faculty (in a particular person) (uncountable) | a person who has that faculty to a great degree
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