Intense In A Sentence

Definition of Intense

Strained; tightly drawn. | Strict, very close or earnest. | Extreme in degree; excessive.

How To Use Intense In A Sentence?

  • At the most northern part of the earth and at the most southern part are regions of intense cold.
  • There, in spite of intense secret curiosities, our lips were sealed by a peculiar shyness.
  • She came back and, taking the note pinned to the table, stared at it with intense curiosity.
  • To his intense surprise, they were controverted in a leading American weekly review.
  • Effie May convoyed him amiably upstairs and left him there, to his intense perturbation.
  • For the great, patient, clumsy, happy-go-lucky man she entertained an intense pity.
  • The heat grew more intense every moment, and Bert felt the skin on his face blistering.
  • His eyes," says his father, "were fixed on the best pictures with silent, intense delight.
  • That he hid this intense reserve behind frank manners and a witty tongue was a characteristic of his race.
  • That is all very well for the intrigues of idle people perhaps, but not for an intense personal relationship.
  • She dashed the letter into the fire, and an intense hatred of them both pierced her heart and brain.
  • How dogs and children rolled together in snow so dry from intense cold that it hardly wet them more than sand.
  • We enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery and we could see the bridge moove under the intense heat of the sun.
  • But an early and intense ambition is not everything, any more than a capacity for taking pains is everything in literature or in any art.
  • He visualized the two of them tied to a tree while he laid on the rope-end, and the picture afforded him intense satisfaction.
  • In following the career of two friends from youth to manhood, the author weaves a narrative of intense interest.
  • She remembered with intense longing the group at the corner, the drunken rows, and the nightly gossip on the doorstep.
  • Following a few moments of intense glaring between themselves, Manguino gave them leave and they left.
  • Not a cloud stained the intense blue of the sky; and over the bright grass on the hillside the sunshine quivered like an immense swarm of bees.
  • Of course no trees, nor grass, nor plants, nor animals, nor people of any kind can live in that intense cold.
  • Both leaves and yellow blossom hung wearily in the gloom, and I felt the intense lull that precedes an electric shower.
  • But her look changed to one of intense pain as Pinkey, trembling with excitement, nudged her violently in the ribs as a signal to keep on bidding.
  • I remember, for instance, when I was about your age, an incident that occurred which gave me an intense dislike to a special shade of brown satin.
  • The Duchess knew the singular history of Jonah, the boot king, and awaited his arrival with intense curiosity.
  • To drop the plummet-line below Our common world of joy and woe, A more intense despair or brighter hope to find.
  • Everything around and within him, the very youth in his soul, became more intense in the hours when he allowed this emotion to assume control of his thoughts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Intense | Intense Sentence

  • This was an intense lust for approval.
  • Whittier has an intense love and appreciation of winter.
  • She had an intense desire to break through his reserve.
  • I kept my eyes fixed on her with intense anxiety.
  • She looked at him with a peculiar, intense gaze.
  • On that they left precipitately, to her intense relief.
  • It was joy so intense that it made him tactful, temperate.
  • Gray found himself remembering his life there with intense clearness.
  • After a long time we should come to a region of intense cold.
  • It is not quite yet realised how intense this interdependence is likely to be.
  • She smiled at him with her peculiar, intense look, and then frowned slightly.
  • Whittier's intense interest in Freedom is here apparent.
  • There was an intense weariness in his voice as he turned his back on Ada.
  • A Song" rises, on the other hand to intense happiness.

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