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  • It was intensely associated with her.
  • She was intensely proud.
  • They are intensely uncomfortable.
  • It becomes intensely interesting.
  • Nothing could be more intensely correct.
  • Nearly all these religions are intensely selfish.
  • She was intensely humiliated at her discovery.
  • They would all have been intensely happy together.
  • I was intensely excited, as you can imagine.
  • He is intensely patriotic, for his country is so small.
  • The air was warm and clear, the sky intensely blue.
  • Mr. Kean was intensely amused over the letter.
  • Suddenly I became intensely alive to the whole situation.
  • It was always intensely humorous to observe the discomfiture of others.
  • Compounds of cobalt fused with glass give it an intensely blue color.
  • He did the honest, but intensely stupid caretaker to the life.
  • It was intensely hot, for they had crossed the line only a few days since.
  • While the oxyhydrogen flame is intensely hot, it is almost non-luminous.
  • Never before had I felt so intensely aware of my personality.
  • It caused in me a feeling of inferiority which I intensely disliked.
  • North of North America, in the intensely cold region, is the Arctic Ocean.

How To Use Intensely In A Sentence?

  • He has never told an intensely absorbing story with more dramatic directness than this one.
  • He has never told an intensely absorbing story with more dramatic directness than this one.
  • Sodium compounds color it intensely yellow, while those of potassium color it pale violet.
  • The day had been intensely hot, and the battle had raged from twelve noon until four.
  • The intensely interesting situation is developed with much ingenuity and power....
  • Almost all individuals are intensely Gram-positive, and show regularity of outline.
  • He reminded her intensely of Bran, and for this reason she felt a great leaning to him.
  • He told me that the Hermandad is intensely revengeful, wicked, and unscrupulous.
  • The Khan has a fidgety, uneasy manner that must be intensely exasperating to his court.
  • None of these things were half alive, and I wanted life to be intensely alive and awake.
  • I do so intensely want to do constructive things, big things perhaps, in this wild jumble....
  • People can work better here where we do not have either intensely hot or intensely cold weather all of the time.
  • When the waters were abated it would be intensely cold at a point seventeen thousand feet above the level of the sea.
  • Beneath the hard brightness of her manner there was a passionate groping toward some dimly seen but intensely felt ideal.
  • One of my principal grounds for objection to the Abyssinians is that they are such an intensely lazy race.
  • This is at once reduced to carbon monoxide by the intensely heated carbon present, so that no carbon dioxide can be found at that point.
  • We wanted quite intensely to live together and have a child, but also we wanted very many other things that were incompatible with these desires.
  • He seemed peculiarly, intensely her own, not only a baby, but a spiritual possession that communicated a new strength to her.
  • All around was the brilliant carpeting of flowers; overhead, the intensely blue sky, latticed here and there with the interlacing boughs of trees.

Definition of Intensely

In an intense manner. | To an intense degree, extremely.
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