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  • This was not intentional neglect on his part.
  • There was intentional kindness in this apparent levity.
  • She must believe it an intentional sarcasm.
  • I saluted him with intentional and marked politeness.
  • He has even been accused of intentional obscurity.
  • For no religion is founded upon intentional depravity.
  • One important but intentional omission I must justify.
  • This masquerade was not intentional nor was he conscious of it.
  • This means the voluntary and intentional development of leadership.
  • Whether other schools feel this would depend upon their intentional program.
  • It was not intentional eavesdropping; my word of honor, as to that.
  • Not an intentional one, or one that could have been avoided, apparently.
  • Intellectual advance shown in first intentional use of language (175).
  • The Religious sentiment is the intentional reverence of God.
  • This not intentional (326). INTELLECT.

How To Use Intentional In A Sentence?

  • This is clearly a conventional quality and seemingly of intentional significance.
  • Let us ask ourselves first whether the fall of the stake was intentional or fortuitous.
  • It is unknown if this is intentional or a printing error - these have been left as printed.
  • Let us first ask ourselves whether the fall of the stake was intentional or accidental.
  • The month I spoke of as the duration of his illness was an intentional exaggeration on my part.
  • A man in his precarious condition was not likely to embark on such an adventure as an intentional disappearance implies.
  • It might have been chance or it might have been intentional that at last flames completed the work of destruction.
  • It is fair to admit that this disposition is often due more to misunderstanding, than to intentional injustice.
  • He received my apology with that intentional charm that is one of his most delightful traits, and resumed his discussion.
  • Material which does not lend itself to some sort of intentional design or form, may be good for informational purposes but not for stories as such.
  • Syllables correctly repeated; intentional sound-imitation on the three hundred and twenty-ninth day.
  • These irregularities would then be intentional variations from the order of the series, yet so as not to break the general plan.
  • There was no possibility of mistake, however, intentional or otherwise, about the destitution of the refugees.
  • Lies, intentional and unintentional, are much seldomer told in answer to precise than to leading questions.
  • The lack of harmony is so evident here, and the slight so intentional and direct, that it almost moves me to tears.
  • This precludes the possibility of Secularism being charged either with conscious grossness or intentional sin.
  • This upright fence was not meant for scaling; it was like a lot of area palings, as obvious and intentional an obstacle.
  • The difficulty with those German preparations is to determine whether the discount for intentional falsification should be 5 per cent.
  • It was no intentional or deliberate malice that induced me to act towards you as I did, but inexcusable thoughtlessness alone.
  • This theory, too, lends a far greater interest to the west front than the theory that it was all carried out at once, from one intentional design.
  • The intentional farmer becomes a mechanic, a seaman, a merchant, a lawyer, a physician, or a divine.
  • First, I felt his pulse, grasping his wrist with intentional brusqueness in the hope of rousing him from his stupor.
  • Additional spacing after some of the quotes is intentional to indicate both the end of a quotation and the beginning of a new paragraph as is in the original text.
  • There is probably no more of intentional opposition to Paul or to his gospel in all this than in James or Luke.
  • Only by intentional help of those around the child can it grow into individual consciousness of its relations with nature in that order which produces the sound intellect.

Definition of Intentional

Intended or planned; done deliberately or voluntarily. | (law) Done with intent.
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