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  • In addition, the interaction between copyright and software has produced some surprising results.
  • This lesson illustrates the constant interaction between man's inventions and the animal's habits.
  • Hence its feeling is not accompanied by the consciousness of an interaction between these three factors.
  • This intimate interaction between selective emphasis and interpretation of what is selected is found wherever reflection proceeds normally.
  • It has transformed the grand question of the relations between nature and mind into the petty form of the interaction between the human body and mind.
  • It is evident that at first this sex-appetite cannot have been purposive, but acted subconsciously by a kind of interaction between the want of the organism and its power of function.
  • In England both the formal and informal organisations have achieved a pretty good level; in both cases the best minds are enabled to exert and have long exerted a dominant influence; and the interaction between the two organisations is very intimate.
  • It differs from "machine-aided human translation (MAHT)" or "computer-assisted translation (CAT)", which involves some interaction between the translator and the computer.
  • The phenomena of the seasons, of the trade winds, of the Gulf-stream, are as much the results of the reaction between these inner activities and outward forces, as are the budding of the leaves in spring and their falling in autumn the effects of the interaction between the organisation of a plant and the solar light and heat.
  • If, then, such direct interaction between two minds can take place in an easily appreciable degree in certain instances, it would seem not improbable that a similar direct interaction, producing a lesser, and therefore less easily appreciable, degree of assimilation of the states of consciousness of the minds concerned, may be constantly and normally at work.
  • The morality of a people, objectively considered, is the outcome of the interaction between their moral disposition, on the one hand, and the moral environment of the individuals, on the other; and the latter consists of two parts: (1) the traditional system of precepts, customs, laws, in short the code: (2) the traditional system of sanctions by which the code is upheld and enforced.
  • But when all is said, St. Hilaire's conception of evolution contains elements that form the background of our thinking to-day, for taken broadly, the interaction between the organism and its environment was a mechanistic conception of evolution even though the details of the theory were inadequate to establish his contention.
  • The interaction between government and politics on the one hand and the life of the people on the other is persistent, and it may be doubted whether the United States would have seemed as it did to
  • If we take the latter _reductio ad absurdum_ first, we find a good example of it in Lotze's well-known proof of monism from the fact of interaction between finite things.
  • savoir_ in French; while in English to be _acquainted with_ and to _know of or about_ have been suggested as equivalents.[22] Now our intellectual life consists of a peculiar interaction between these two types of understanding.
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