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  • There are 82 miles of main intercepting sewers in London.
  • He nodded, intercepting the Commandant's gaze.
  • Jeremy, intercepting Yussuf Dakmar's glance, put his own construction on it.

How To Use Intercepting In A Sentence?

  • The rebs then took to their horses, evidently bent on intercepting our retreat on the cross-road.
  • The rock outside, intercepting the light, gave it already the air of a dungeon.
  • We therefore offer you the job of sitting in the outer room and intercepting these bravoes before they can reach us.
  • Pratt has a habit of intercepting the cards of visitors, and deciding who shall and who shall not see your daughter.
  • The astral lamp from the center table in the parlor shone into our room, intercepting any view toward us.
  • As an investigator, when you seize a pirate board, you have scored a coup as effective as tapping phones or intercepting mail.
  • It was clear that the Indians who had left their main body were intent on intercepting and murdering these two men.
  • He hoped by intercepting them to learn much from the confidences and advice the Marquise would give her fellow-prisoners.
  • The intercepting door is fastened, because a most sinful un-Christian act was perpetrated last night.
  • I had half thought of intercepting her, anyway, and handing the skipper some letters to post in Victoria.
  • Joan, intercepting one or two of these glances, looked her step-mother over critically, and to her relief found her less flamboyant than usual.
  • Watching fords was a ready mode of intercepting the marauders; the names of the most noted fords upon the Liddel are recited in this verse.
  • She trundled to the door and popped out of it before Miss Mapp had the slightest chance of intercepting her progress.
  • He swept Aristide aside like an intercepting willow-branch, and poured forth a torrent of furious speech upon his wife.
  • God knows what else, stepped quickly between her and the on-coming Mary, and with an air of brotherly concern held out an intercepting hand.
  • In woods of this description the snow never reaches the ground except in the open spaces between the trees, the dense foliage intercepting it in its fall.
  • She sent him also a letter which he was to deliver to Mary, in which she disclaimed ever having had the most distant intention of intercepting her on her voyage.
  • In many places you will notice the eel-sets, which are fixed nets across the river for the purpose of intercepting the silver-bellied eels on their migration to the sea.
  • They were trained at first for a few days at Tundra, the wireless station used by the British and French for intercepting messages.
  • He dressed and made his way to the veranda, whence he wandered over the flower garden, intercepting the colonel, who was about to take his morning look about.
  • Herr Linke was bent upon intercepting any message which might come to the Hotel Europa for the Englishman.

Definition of Intercepting

present participle of intercept
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