Interchanging In A Sentence

Definition of Interchanging

present participle of interchange | The act by which things are interchanged.

How To Use Interchanging In A Sentence?

  • The possibility of interchanging characters might be illustrated over and over again.
  • Vegetables and animals are thus perpetually interchanging kindly offices, and each flourishes upon that which is fatal to the other.
  • No country can make real headway, and consolidate its greatness, while there is this changing and interchanging of power.
  • Moslems fully appreciate the post-office, the railroad, and other modern methods of rapidly interchanging ideas.
  • The library was dim, but she heard interchanging voices there, and knew Jeffrey and his father were in tranquil talk.
  • After a short period expended in interchanging compliments, and a competitive excellence at laughing at one another, their chief desired me to show him my guns.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Interchanging | Interchanging Sentence

  • What would be the effect of interchanging the materials?
  • We met the pacha at meals, interchanging mute salutations.
  • They fell to chat, interchanging memories of those old childish days.

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