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  • His interests are supreme.
  • Anyhow my interests are not involved.
  • Great interests are at stake.
  • But her interests are menaced.
  • High interests are involved.
  • All the timber interests are behind me.
  • Individual interests are the only real interests.
  • Your interests are above the courts of the land.
  • In whose interests are you speaking?
  • Their interests are as wide asunder as the poles.
  • Her chief interests are in music and gardening.
  • But vast moneyed interests are at stake.
  • Immense human and personal interests are involved in them.
  • Yet even here material interests are not far distant.
  • Vienna's interests are in danger.
  • Individual interests are opposed to common or community interests.
  • Individual interests are admitted as obstacles to the general prosperity.
  • Vicious interests are never very scrupulous in their choice of weapons.
  • Conflicting interests are a fruitful source of family difficulties.
  • The manufacturing interest and the general interests are synonymous.
  • My first interests are my company's.
  • No allowance is made for accidents where diplomatic interests are at stake.
  • Their interests are ours, and our plans are warmly taken up by them.
  • As head of the Church, all spiritual interests are under his protection.
  • He is in the glove trade in England: his interests are purely commercial.
  • As chief of the State, all temporal interests are subject to his control.
  • At present Liverpool interests are well represented in the House of Commons.

How To Use Interests Are In A Sentence?

  • Women are human beings before all else and all human interests are their interests.
  • My brother writes me word that his interests are being supported by you more than by anyone else.
  • Their interests are furthered in proportion as the system is one which renders change difficult.
  • Germany is divided into two religious parties whose interests are perpetually at variance.
  • Those whose interests are centred on rural matters generally will take a keen delight in it.
  • Our interests are not on the same scale as theirs, perhaps, but much more complex.
  • If important interests are dependent on the interpretation, how can the true one be found out?
  • There would seem to be only one man in the world whose personal interests are at stake.
  • His interests are no longer mere class interests, but mass interests, interests of humanity.
  • I believe that the Indian never fails to deceive, unless when his own interests are hindered.
  • His interests are mine; I am ready to risk my life for him, and I will pay you off.
  • This territory, whose interests are affected by this, is greater than the whole of New England.
  • Members not represented will be invited to send a representative when questions affecting their interests are discussed.
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