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  • Try an intermediate step.
  • For the intermediate grades.
  • There are no intermediate forms.
  • All intermediate degrees are possible.
  • To what is the first intermediate connected?
  • But there is also an intermediate class.
  • Purple is a colour intermediate between blue and red.
  • The peculiar provisions for the intermediate zone.
  • You must take an intermediate course.
  • The other two elements are intermediate in properties.
  • There is an intermediate way of saying good-day.
  • Annectent: applied to connecting or intermediate forms.
  • The intermediate will roast from 20 to 40 tons per diem.
  • Acid salts, such as alum, are intermediate in effect.
  • The handbook for intermediate Spanish.
  • No Intermediate Stops.
  • SEE Intermediate music.
  • Between his birth and his death there are intermediate changes.
  • You're in the intermediate stage.
  • Dreaming is an intermediate state between sleeping and waking.
  • In the intermediate quintiles there is more or less shifting about.
  • But very recently an intermediate examination has been imposed.
  • I have not the space here to digress on the intermediate gradations.
  • Possibly there was a wall outside and only the intermediate space was filled.
  • The intermediate spaces are filled with very intricate designs.
  • Access to the ruins is greatly facilitated by these intermediate ledges.
  • Some of them have probably come up and others are at intermediate stages.
  • Now there is no intermediate between the terms of either of these two pairs.
  • To separate parenthetical or intermediate expressions from the context.
  • To this intermediate territory different names have been assigned.
  • There seems to have been also another intermediate publication.
  • Use intermediate spaces for other crops while the bushes are young.
  • Sooty crossed to ebony gives offspring that are intermediate in color.
  • A good many more will be able to profit by intermediate education.
  • Here, then we have an intermediate stage between the fish and the bird.
  • Dampier's time was distinctively an intermediate period.
  • Similarly various types of grooving are cut in the intermediate rolls.

How To Use Intermediate In A Sentence?

  • But those contraries which have an intermediate are not subject to any such necessity.
  • The dream then seems to be an intermediate condition between sleeping and waking.
  • There can not be any appointment when the organ of return is not resisting any intermediate use.

Definition of Intermediate

Being between two extremes, or in the middle of a range. | (intransitive) To mediate, to be an intermediate. | (transitive) To arrange, in the manner of a broker.
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