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  • And what an interminable year!
  • But how interminable is the confusion among them?
  • But interminable waiting was no part of her plan.
  • The party jerked and jolted over the interminable road.
  • Ce fut une horrible et interminable nuit.
  • All the conditions of this interminable conflict are against them.
  • It seemed an interminable age before the key was in the latter.
  • After an interminable half-hour the two worthies passed on to the right.

How To Use Interminable In A Sentence?

  • Before them was a seemingly interminable crevice along which the squaws scuttled.
  • Only two things were said to be capable of breaking in on this interminable palaver.
  • Then another interminable stretch of turmoil, this all the more terrifying because less violent.
  • But that was when he was "shattered and feeble," and tired of the interminable sitters.
  • There followed an interminable period in which nothing whatever was done, as far as he could see.
  • An hour crept by, and another, seemingly interminable King was fairly groaning under the suspense.
  • For another interminable length of time the Woodland Girl sat in absolute isolation.
  • Mary's; of Pusey's interminable and prosy harangues he could not bear even to think.
  • There the Ettrick Shepherd told his interminable stories, and drank his interminable tumblers.
  • The Bow Street runner, however, said never a word, but proceeded with his interminable breakfast.
  • It seemed an interminable time before he came to the opening and began to scramble up on his hands and knees.
  • How much is contained in this little book which teaches more in a few lines than interminable works do in many volumes!
  • It was as if in the midst of a monster, interminable cavern his one starlike light had gone out in his hand.
  • The distance was but a few paces, yet to traverse these seemed an interminable nightmare of swaying and stumbling.
  • And all this time she called names from the interminable list, and mechanically corrected the mistakes of their owners.
  • The ten minutes seemed interminable that elapsed ere the grinding couplings advertised the imminence of their start.
  • In body he was not strong; the weariness of interminable days over-tried him and excited his mind to vain discontent.
  • You will observe that the interminable Hydra extends his lengthening coils along under both of the constellations.
  • The westerly swell rolled its interminable angry lines of foam and big dark clouds flew over the ship in a sinister procession.
  • The interminable afternoon was drawing to a close, and once more she sat by the open window, regardless of the increasing cold.
  • And this principle is equally destitute of any right end; for a mere interminable progress is not a fixed term nor positive object.
  • It must be proved, if at all, from our own activity and designs, which imply an interminable future for their play.
  • But, after what seemed an interminable time, he reached the brook, which now offered the last chance of safety.
  • A draught, cold and dank, as if coming from an almost interminable distance, blew upwards and fanned my nostrils.
  • The interminable procession of horse omnibuses went lumbering past, bearing countless people we knew not whence, we knew not whither.
  • So she sat for interminable minutes, and it seemed to Sylvia that she was not surprised when she heard the sound of tapping at the back door.
  • The interminable forest suggested to him dreams of bear, deer, buffalo, elk, and all the animals he had read about.
  • Snow hardly seems made of fairy stars and flowers when its full terror sweeps Northern valleys or the interminable solitudes of the plains.
  • It was one of the interminable stories out of the Decameron of the bar-room, realistic and obscene, that circulate among drinkers.
  • Still on and on at a snail-pace, up and over the almost interminable stretch of Fisher's Hill.
  • But instead of shooting to the surface, as he naturally expected, Bill found himself held fast in an interminable network of stems and roots.
  • We need not delay the interminable length of time necessary to secure the attention and co-operation of bankers in France and England.

Definition of Interminable

Existing or occurring without interruption or end; ceaseless, unending. | (mathematics, dated) A repeating decimal.
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