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  • In any intermission of business it was his constant practice to peruse the leger.
  • Protection of daily intervals secures the necessary intermission of work during the day.
  • Steingall swept aside this intermission with the emphatic hand of a cross-examining lawyer.
  • Tortoise came to an end, and an intermission of ten minutes for refreshments was announced.
  • At the tenth intermission he suggested soda-water again, after which they returned to their seats.
  • During the intermission Sube announced that he was going to try the seats further back.
  • There was now an intermission of the disturbances, and no further demonstration occurred for about a month.
  • The long intermission had sharpened the intellects of the class, and they were very earnest in their studies.
  • A casual exclamation betrayed my nationality, and during the intermission we drifted into easy conversation.
  • The stories were told to us serially, in the hours of intermission and were a sort of optional course.
  • So it continued without intermission till about midnight, by which time nearly all had been got across.
  • Then there is a little intermission of the severe labor until the picking time, when again they are obliged to work incessantly.
  • Huge fires were built on the lawn, and during the intermission the crowd gathered around the fires and roasted potatoes.
  • The departure of both those gentlemen from this place, soon after, occasioned an intermission in the correspondence on this subject.
  • He laughed and talked the whole of the time, devoting himself with very little intermission to one or the other of his two neighbors.
  • The first battle of ironclads began next morning at 8:30 and continued with slight intermission till noon.
  • It was a great time for the neighborhood and for the school children, who spent much of their intermission periods around the work and the workmen.
  • This was kept up without intermission for three days, and as soon as it was over, the tribe moved out of the village on the hunt.
  • Their note at this season is a single chuck, and is heard overhead, with little intermission from morning till night.
  • Protection of the hours of labour is enforced indirectly by regulating the periods of intermission of labour: meal-times, night work, and holidays.
  • When Wilson came back she found me coughing in my old way, and it has been without intermission up to now, or rather waxing worse and worse.
  • During the first intermission he never looked back after that first glance; but when the house was darkened again it was not at the stage he looked most.
  • As there was ever some intermission between the proofs of his various abilities, it was impossible to conjecture whether he had ever discovered all his talents.
  • His feelings were irretrievably interested; and he still proposed to himself to press his suit without intermission during the term of his endurance.
  • The fire opened from twenty-one guns on the last day of May and continued with little intermission till June 23rd.
  • The few dropping shots which opened the ball on the 20th have now duly blossomed into a rich harvest of bullets that sometimes continues for hours without intermission or break.
  • When the noon intermission came he walked into her class-room, and invited Maria and Evelyn to go with him to a near-by restaurant and lunch.
  • There were tables for both roulette and trente et quarante, the playing beginning each day at eleven in the morning and continuing without intermission until eleven at night.
  • The work proceeded without intermission during the whole of the day, and apparently without success, for the level of the water in the fort tank did not fall.
  • They would laugh over this ever-green reminiscence on Sunday park benches and at intermission at moving pictures when they remained through it to see the show twice.
  • With a simple corn, dry or moist, this intermission is largely dependent on the degree of dryness of the hoof or the road, and also on the character of the road surface.
  • When the intermission was over, they went in with such vim that they broke up all the plans of the Palatines for gaining goal, and put them to a very fierce defensive game.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Intermission | Intermission Sentence

  • There is an intermission for luncheon.
  • I find no intermission to my pain.
  • Meantime we shall work without intermission for your sake.
  • There should always be periods of intermission between practice.
  • An intermission until one o'clock was declared.
  • Jolly had begun the intermission overture and the seats were filling up fast.
  • Half an hour's intermission will make little difference.
  • Here at length was quietness, intermission of folly and brutality.

Definition of Intermission

A break between two performances or sessions, such as at a concert, play, seminar, or religious assembly.
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