Intermissions in a sentence

Definition of Intermissions

plural of intermission

Short Example Sentence for Intermissions

  • 1. Forenoons, a'ternoons and intermissions complete.

How to use Intermissions in a Sentence?

  • 1. After two intermissions he suggested that they go out to the drug-store and get some soda-water.
  • 2. His fever, which was marked by daily intermissions for three days, subsided upon the administration of cathartics and enemata.
  • 3. It is customary during the intermissions between the dances for the drummers to rub a handful of snow over the skins to prevent them from cracking under the heavy blows.
  • 4. It may have been one year, and it may have been ten years, for the length of such intermissions in life depends on how quickly the actor succeeds in changing his costume.