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  • Rain and fog with intermittent sunshine.
  • Save for the intermittent clicking, there was silence.
  • He was puzzled by a low, intermittent muttering.
  • I believe it comes and goes, like intermittent fever.
  • The Pope has intermittent fever.
  • During this time Chetwood was an intermittent visitor.
  • At all events, I have had a mild intermittent fever.
  • The intermittent movement referred to is obviated in various ways.
  • The plant has been used in intermittent fevers and various skin diseases.
  • Marta gave intermittent glances at the garden; the glances of a guardian.
  • He, too, headed for the scene of the now intermittent shooting.
  • If the bead is heated with the intermittent flame, it is milk-white when cold.
  • She ate and drank, while intermittent smiles played across her merry face.
  • An intermittent moonlight, and a gale causing strange voices in the tree-tops.
  • Towards night I was attacked once again with the intermittent fever.
  • Malignant intermittent fever and diseases of the skin are frequent in Huaura.
  • Through the intermittent shade and sunshine of the day, Helena stepped on.
  • Jeff's face had cleared of its brooding and its intermittent scowl.

How To Use Intermittent In A Sentence?

  • There was a good deal of intermittent hammering and whistling going on in the background.
  • It was like an intermittent stupor rather than the continued unconsciousness of sleep.
  • It is therefore necessary to impart an intermittent and variable speed to the bobbin.
  • A throbbing rhythm of sound with the dull swish of intermittent streams of water.
  • There are no intermittent mouthfuls, with the mandibles moving backwards and forwards.
  • Tom disengaged himself from her intermittent embraces, and went out with his bundle in his hand.
  • A saturated bead assumes a blue enamel-like appearance under an intermittent flame.
  • Thus we had one constant and two or three intermittent avenues of free national trade.
  • The fresh or dried plant is given in decoction mixed with ginger in intermittent fevers.
  • He talked and laughed gaily, but with intermittent shivering which he tried hard to hide.
  • If overcharged, or heated with an intermittent flame, it presents an enamel white when cool.
  • Hardly was he gone than I fell ill myself with strong intermittent fever every other day.
  • That Cinchonia is a specific for intermittent fevers in many of their forms, no one will deny.
  • Here the Endeavour had to be refitted, and intermittent fever laid many of our party low.
  • On the Riviera, they are fed from nearby mountains, and are intermittent even in their season.
  • He told me he was recovering from an "attack of Congo," which I take to be an intermittent fever.
  • I have cured Intermittent Fevers after this manner, nor did it ever fail of good Success.
  • It is peculiar to intermittent fever to excite the morbid germs which are slumbering in the organism.
  • Dissolves to a clear glass, which cannot be rendered opaque by the intermittent flame.
  • He had been suffering from intermittent fever, and started on his journey before he was sufficiently recovered.
  • It is used as a tonic and antiperiodic in intermittent fevers and in general where tonic treatment is indicated.
  • How intermittent at first are the manifestations of this new life, and how limited the sphere of its action!

Definition of Intermittent

Stopping and starting at intervals; coming after a particular time span. | (specifically, geology, of a body of water) Existing only for certain seasons; that is, being dry for part of the year. | (medicine, dated) An intermittent fever or disease.
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