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  • Sheen registered an internal vow that he would not.
  • Besides the internal troubles, there were numerous wars.
  • Russia, too, is developing her internal supplies.
  • The Internal Foe XX.
  • It gave her an impetus towards internal and external independence.
  • Tis warmed by an internal heat Which ever keeps it pure and sweet.

How To Use Internal In A Sentence?

  • As this reaches the factory it often contains a quantity of internal or adhering earth.
  • The internal width of the building was then ascertained to be about 28 feet 6 inches.
  • It had an internal air-bag or ballonet whose capacity was one-fifth that of the envelope.
  • This increases the internal resistance of the cell, since hydrogen is a non-conductor.
  • Here also it may reach this conclusion, by a more external or a more internal mode of argument.
  • This seriously affects the e.m.f. of the cell and also its internal resistance.
  • There is, however, neither external testimony nor internal probability to support that opinion.
  • The wounded man, sinking with shock and internal hemorrhage, uttered a string of oaths.
  • The internal tactics of the German Government had been successful all along the line.
  • These principles of internal as well as external division and coalition are but just now extinguished.
  • It has not been very usual to notify to foreign courts anything concerning the internal arrangements of any state.
  • In order to complete our view, it only remains to trace its internal government and most important regulations.
  • Those who have no regard for their welfare, reputation, or internal quiet will not appoint such as are proper.
  • The last mentioned example of damage from internal hazards brings us to the law of the electrical generation of heat.
  • Their political conduct is not decided by general views, but by internal intrigues and personal and family interest.
  • As a result, the internal resistance of the cell is small and the current which it will give on a short circuit is correspondingly large.
  • As for his companion in distress, anything edible and which would serve to nullify the gnawing at his internal economy would be welcome.
  • If below this temperature, the internal resistance of a cell increases very rapidly, so much so that even at 50 deg.
  • The tackiness which might supervene would make the handling of such bales unpleasant, even if it did not affect the internal rubber.
  • Reason must find its own internal power and life in revelation, and revelation must find its own external form and beauty in reason.
  • For without them the difficulty of solving the most absorbing and urgent of the internal problems of India will be immeasurably enhanced.
  • It was the Gnome manufacturers who first thought of a most ingenious scheme for cooling the cylinders of the internal combustion engine.
  • But, from his total loss of appetite and continued weakness, it was evident that he had received some very severe, if not fatal, internal injury.
  • This important feature, and the fact that the internal resistance is low, make this cell well adapted for all forms of heavy open-circuit work.
  • The arch head is ogee-shaped outside, with large external, and smaller, but not less rich, internal crockets.
  • The Congress of Verona was the last of the joint-meetings of the powers for the discussion of the internal affairs of states.
  • Intelligence complements what is merely found by the attribution of universality, and the internal and its own by the attribution of being, but a being of its own institution.
  • There have been many internal revolutions in the government of countries, both as to persons and forms, in which the neighboring states have had little or no concern.
  • For sheet preparation it is essential that the stirring shall be done so carefully as to try to avoid internal bubbles and to reduce surface froth to a minimum.
  • These double chlorides are less soluble than the chlorides and finally occupy the pores of the paper lining between the electrolyte and the zinc and greatly increase the internal resistance of the cell.
  • Not only is there every internal evidence of her hand in the style of the book, but a number of her students are still alive who went over portions of the manuscript with her and worked with her upon the proofs.
  • The cylinders of an internal combustion engine can be grouped in one of three ways, and thus there are three main types of airplane engines we should be able to recognize.
  • I should say, the great shop has given the English State practically everything which makes for internal peace, solidarity and national health.
  • But the best of all is silence from unnecessary and wandering thoughts, because that is essential to internal recollection, and because it lays a foundation for a proper regulation and silence in other respects.

Definition of Internal

inside of something | within the body | concerned with the domestic affairs of a nation, state or other political community.
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