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  • An infusion of the flowers is used internally in dysentery.
  • Betty sat very quiet, but internally fidgeted.
  • A decoction of the leaves is used internally as an expectorant.
  • But the cosmos must be made internally homogeneous in these same terms.
  • The decoction is used internally as an antipyretic in fevers and in dysentery.
  • No external decorations; marked internally with oblique lines, no band.
  • In Java the decoction is used internally in asthma, phthisis and snake bites.

How To Use Internally In A Sentence?

  • The policy of coalitions contradicts internally the regime of the revolutionary dictatorship.
  • The machine is thus internally synchronous with step counter instructions being asynchronous.
  • A decoction is given internally in the various forms of malarial fever and of dyspepsia.
  • The mechanical causal series is displaced by an organic system of internally related parts.
  • The essential oil is given internally in doses of 2-6 drops on a piece of sugar.
  • The decoction is used as a lotion for ulcers, and internally as a sudorific and tonic-astringent.
  • Double band of triangles externally; internally zigzag lines precisely like those in Fig.
  • The juice of the leaves is given internally in India, as an emetic, in doses of 30 grams.
  • The tender leaves have an agreeable aroma similar to that of anise and are used internally in decoction as a stomachic and carminative.
  • Mediafurca: a process extending internally from the meso-sternum, to which the muscles are attached.
  • He made his impression upon the institution, developing the work internally both intensively and extensively.
  • But he had been hurt internally while wrestling in the gymnasium with an older lad, and for a time his life hung in the balance.
  • The juice of the fruit is refreshing and is given internally mixed with water and sugar as a refreshing drink in fevers and as an antiscorbutic.
  • It is possible to define general types of inference, as well as compact and internally necessary systems such as those of mathematics.
  • Not only is it internally consistent, which cannot be affirmed of the reformation theory, but it colligates the facts far better.
  • Its condition, internally and externally, was at that time certainly discreditable to everybody concerned in its welfare.
  • The infusion of the root is used internally as an emollient and refrigerant; externally in skin diseases accompanied by smarting and inflammation.
  • Heraclitus, after so many speculations on the conflagration of the universe, was filled with water internally and died smeared all over with mud.
  • Massed rubber often cannot be inspected properly, and hence is always open to suspicion that internally there may be unsuitable portions.
  • In my opinion, there never was seen so strong a government internally as that of the French municipalities.
  • I only wish that the water we use internally were as pleasant as the salt-water is for bathing, but the fact is, it is almost undrinkable.
  • Iron is for us internally the carrier of energy, just as in the form of a trolley wire or of a third rail it conveys power to the electric car.
  • Mr Windgate frowned slightly, and internally anathematised the witness' garrulity.
  • Remember, he is face to face with his enemy all the time, internally wrestling with him, having long imaginary conversations with him.
  • Immediately abutting upon it comes the naos, a rectangular chamber measuring internally 28 feet by 22 feet 6 inches.
  • On the other hand, they had internally very much in common; both possessed a lively apprehension for whatever was true, beautiful or good.
  • Calyx double, composed of 5 narrow sepals externally, and 5 colored sepals internally alternating with the outer ones.
  • A tincture of the pericarp has been made (1 part to 10 of alcohol) and given internally as a vermifuge in doses of 2-10 drops.
  • The rest of the day was passed free from outward disturbance to Ellis; and what she might experience internally was undivulged.
  • In India the seeds are given internally for their anthelmintic and carminative effect; the dose is one teaspoonful twice a day.
  • This transcription retains the | | internally consistent conventions used in the preface, body,| | appendix and advertisements.
  • Not particularly attractive from without, internally the extent, fine proportions, and simplicity of its great Patios are very striking.

Definition of Internally

In an internal manner; within or inside of external limits; in an inner part or situation. | With regard to internal affairs. | Inwardly; spiritually.
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