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  • Surely this must be an interpolation by some wag.
  • I save the last, which was an interpolation of Louis XIV.
  • The interpolation came from the young gentleman in the arm-chair.
  • This and the next interpolation are Brown's.
  • An Interpolation and a Protest --Mr.

How To Use Interpolation In A Sentence?

  • This unexpected interpolation might spoil the efficacy of all that had gone before.
  • It is nowhere stated that any copy of this edition exists, in which this interpolation does not occur.
  • The present text is very imperfect, being corrupted by the interpolation of glosses and other additions by later hands.
  • Secondly, the discovery of steps of causation between a cause and its remote effects; the interpolation and concatenation of causes.
  • I came a more sympathetic, a more subtle era of architectural display, a softening of outlines and an interpolation of flowering gables.
  • There are readers who object to the interpolation of the episode of the Man of the Hill on the ground that it only retards the action.
  • This unauthorised interpolation may have had its share in postponing the prohibition of the book by the Church of Rome.
  • The reference to the daughters of Cain would seem to suggest an interpolation by a transcriber after the introduction of Christianity.
  • Douglas, in his Dorr letter, had announced that he would suffer no interpolation of new issues into the Democratic creed.
  • Not that it was altogether bad, but that the interpolation of a modern thought among so unique a collection of passages from the ancients seemed to spoil the scheme.
  • The concepts used are all of them dots through which, by interpolation or extrapolation, curves are drawn, while along the curves other dots are found as consequences.

Definition of Interpolation

(music) An abrupt change in elements, with continuation of the first idea. | (mathematics, sciences) The process of estimating the value of a function at a point from its values at nearby points. | (computing) The process of including and processing externally-fetched data in a document or program; see interpolate.
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