Interposing In A Sentence

How To Use Interposing In A Sentence?

  • She walked on beside him, silent and submissive, interposing no objection to his plan.
  • But Valentine, interposing at the critical moment, rescued her.
  • The march was continued throughout Paris, without any one interposing any obstacle.
  • The advance of the ice southward would have increased opportunity for evolution by interposing barriers that isolated some populations.
  • How did she know that the heat which she felt was caused by the sun, or that by interposing an opaque body she might exclude his rays?
  • She gave him her hand, and he clung to it like a nestling fastening upon the last branch interposing between it and destruction.
  • Kirkwood, unheeding her faint-hearted protests, jumped out, interposing his cane between her skirts and the wheel.
  • Ten minutes later connect up the desiccator to a sulphuric acid wash-bottle interposing an air filter so that only dry sterile air enters.
  • Ormond leaned against the wall behind them interposing whimsical sallies, and casting occasional glances toward Grace and myself.
  • It will be a just and irresistible presumption against the fairness of the interposing power, that he takes with him no party or description of men in the divided state.
  • Finally, it has been found possible to entirely suppress the paper, or dielectric, and to hear directly, by simply interposing the auditor or auditors in the circuit.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Interposing | Interposing Sentence

  • Dobrotschau appeared, interposing its mass between him and the sun.
  • Then he laid a violent hand on the interposing obstacle and threw it back.
  • This we did, interposing a small cushion composed of listing.
  • And then Mrs. Evans interposing with 'That will do, dear.

Definition of Interposing

present participle of interpose
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