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  • Various interpretations are possible.
  • Can they get such interpretations by simply asking for them?
  • A variety of interpretations of this man child have been given.
  • Every child creates these wonderful sound interpretations of the world.
  • I need not say which of these interpretations would have been the true one.
  • There are, in fact, several different interpretations as to its significance.
  • My interpretations had been correct; everything I saw proved it to me.
  • And Joseph said unto them, Do not interpretations belong to God?
  • There were, in Post-Restoration times, two interpretations of the word Jig.

How To Use Interpretations In A Sentence?

  • The principles upon which the interpretations rested were not the same in all ages.
  • The mutual support that these interpretations give to each other will be obvious.
  • But in these interpretations there is more than a mere desire to record hastily an optical vision.
  • Out of this prevailing idea grew many of the interpretations and partial enforcements.
  • I do not understand what favourable interpretations can be put upon a statement entirely false.
  • Interpreting it each time differently, he yet dismissed both interpretations with a smile.
  • Before the days of science, great mistakes were made in our interpretations of phenomena.
  • His act was widely commented upon and given varied interpretations by different people.
  • Egyptologists differ in their interpretations of certain passages, but agree as to general facts.
  • It gained also a Protean freedom in its emotional interpretations during pauses.
  • The multitude of interpretations of the common reading are from their uniform absurdity sufficient to show that it is corrupt.
  • We made all these remarks amongst ourselves, and were greatly amused at our conjectures and interpretations of all they said.
  • A few interpretations of symbols actually seen in the mirror may serve to illustrate the method of interpretation.
  • For my eye could put interpretations on features that would convey nothing to the ordinary traveller.
  • Statements of fact or interpretations taken from published anthropological or historic works are indicated by citations in the customary manner.
  • We shall then confine ourselves to pointing out the slight differences which naturally spring up in the several interpretations of a common belief.
  • All interpretations of osteological characters are based on specimens cleared in potassium hydroxide and stained with alizarin red.
  • Nothing shows this better perhaps than the various interpretations which have been made of the Apocalypse.
  • Ingenuity in supplying subtle interpretations of minute details often conceals the great truths which the symbols are really intended to enforce.
  • This gladdened while it angered him, and he was lost among the many interpretations that might be put upon those signs of distress.
  • Stow's interpretations of names often read like bad jokes, not to say bad puns.
  • Thus the Hegelian vision is itself an organic process, including all other interpretations of life and of the world as its necessary phases.
  • A few of his interpretations are noteworthy as comprising either Palestinian or Hellenistic tradition.
  • I can think of nothing more dreary than the study of human life and history apart from the interpretations put upon them by Jesus.
  • It gave her generous interpretations for laws, institutions, customs, bidding her look on the bright side of history.
  • Both these interpretations have had to give way before the critical examination of the pictures themselves and the decipherment of their accompanying inscriptions.
  • At present we can only formulate such a view as may be suggestive with reference to general interpretations of the place of principles and causes in war.
  • Religious impressions may be made through interpretations of nature, stories of life, song, prayer, simple scripture texts, and handwork.
  • The first relies on the most linear and static interpretations of the story in order to create a static and authoritative template through which to glean its meaning.
  • The Aramean inscription on the back of these coins has been given a variety of interpretations which appear to be equally possible.
  • His works of this period shine as a source of light, and with his development of exaggerated forms his colour interpretations also become exaggerated.

Definition of Interpretations

plural of interpretation
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