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How To Use Interrogator In A Sentence?

  • Leslie faced his interrogator squarely, a slight frown of intelligible annoyance contracting his brows.
  • Here the interrogator stopped, and looked surprised and pained, and almost instinctively moved a little farther from her.
  • If the interrogator cannot discover the proverb after the first round of questions and answers, he must go round again, and again.
  • The Interrogator should be the only person whose voice is heard, and it should be reduced to a soft but distinct monotone.
  • It will then be found convenient to have two persons present to act as Interrogator and Recorder respectively.
  • The Recorder will be occupied in setting down in writing all questions asked by the Interrogator and the exact answers made by the seer.
  • The artists were plied with questions which to them may have seemed prosaic, but which to the interrogator were the very essence of the principles of piano technic and piano mastery.
  • We still tried to show no sign of recognition and finally the interrogator said: go ahead and say hello to each other for we know already you were flying together.

Definition of Interrogator

One who interrogates; a person who asks questions; a questioner. | A device that requests data from another device.
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