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  • Rects arise from the intersection of moments.
  • The line of intersection in vaulted roofs.
  • The point of intersection locates the center.
  • The groined ceiling has carved bosses at the intersection of its ribs.
  • It stands by itself, at the intersection of the two streets, fronting south.
  • Willie reached the intersection at almost the same time as the grocer's boy.

How To Use Intersection In A Sentence?

  • There was an intersection in the road just down from the cabin with a telephone pole.
  • Before he had reached the point of intersection he heard voices from the thicket.
  • No further subdivision of the common intersection is possible by means of moments.
  • Its centre is occupied by a public square at the intersection of the main roads.
  • Thus there is in general a common intersection of four moments of different families.
  • Each bush was sending a phenomenally long shadow from its intersection with the ground.
  • The intersection of the bar with the left leg is near the old stone chateau of Hougomont.
  • The locus of intersection of two moments is the assemblage of abstractive elements covered by both of them.
  • Quickly he shifted gears and rolled through the intersection an instant before the light turned red again.
  • It shall follow in principle that water-parting up to its intersection with the 11th parallel of north latitude.
  • It is a cruciform building, with a hexagonal tower and a conical terminal at the intersection of the cross.
  • Peter lowered his eyes to the square formed by the intersection of a number of alleys some distance beyond the caravansary.
  • The intersection of a moment and an event will evidently consist of those event-particles which are covered by the moment and lie in the event.
  • It is just at these points of intersection of the two volcanic rings that we expect unusual volcanic activity, and it is there that we find it.
  • The intersection of the two circular arches produces an ellipse with a very flat crown, and very liable to fail.
  • There are twenty-two parks and parkways, not counting numerous parklets formed by the intersection of streets.
  • They were at an intersection of streets, where a few shops yet shone and surface-cars went by like blazing ships.
  • In character it is a simple pointed vaulting, and the ribs at their many points of intersection are lavishly decorated with bosses.
  • Seeking the intersection of the two paths, the girl stole noiselessly down the cindered trail sloping toward the beach.
  • The axiom asserts that the rect joining the two event-particles of intersection of the diagonals is parallel to the rect on which the bases lie.
  • Its two towers are 408 feet in height; a very elaborate belfry rises from the roof at the point of intersection of the transept.
  • At the point of intersection he attached two guy-ropes, making the end of one fast to a cake of beach-ice.
  • The side-aisles are groined in imitation of stone, having bosses at the intersection of the ribs, with corbels for the ribs to rise from.
  • Thus are formed in this chart four specimens of the Swastika, with the cross and circle at the intersection of the arms.
  • This common intersection is an assemblage of abstractive elements which are each covered (or 'lie in') all four moments.
  • The town was built on the slope of several hills and at the intersection of the valleys, which met among clumps of tall, leafy trees.
  • At the intersection of the road with the mesa trail, we stopped for a few moments to look over the battle-field of Guasimas.
  • We owe to it, however, four pillars of great beauty and strength, necessarily placed at the points of the intersection of the transepts.
  • Those points, being in two planes at the same time, must therefore be in the intersection of those planes, that is to say, in a straight line.
  • Just then no less than four cross-town electric cars loomed into sight, and completely blocked the avenue at its intersection with 42nd Street.
  • It is not necessary to measure the centering points (F) at certain specified distances from the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines.
  • The stranger left Roland standing at the intersection of two streets, one of which led to the Saalhof.
  • Then move the dividers over to the intersection of the arc (C) on the line, and make the next mark, and so on.
  • The centre of the trephine hole should be at the intersection of the median line and a line joining the posterior canthi (Fig. 188).

Definition of Intersection

The junction of two (or more) paths, streets, highways, or other thoroughfares. | (geometry) The point or set of points common to two geometrical objects (such as the point where two lines meet or the line where two planes intersect). | (set theory) The set containing all the elements that are common to two or more sets.
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