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  • He also sent a brief dispatch to the Interstate people.
  • Dave had never met the manager of the Interstate Company.
  • The South has been a great loser through interstate migration.
  • The young aviator left the Interstate plant very thoughtful and serious.
  • Coming home for dinner, he found a letter from the Interstate people.
  • I acted on a wire from my employers, the Interstate Aeroplane Co.
  • The factory of the Interstate Aero Company was located at a city in Ohio.

How To Use Interstate In A Sentence?

  • The federal law also prohibits their use in all dairy products that pass into interstate commerce.
  • An inquiry directed him to the extensive works of the Interstate Aeroplane Company.
  • Dave proceeded to relate his interview with Mr. Randolph, the manager of the Interstate factory.
  • The pretexts were that the strikers were interfering with interstate commerce and with the carrying of mails.
  • It is also reported that local authorities were reprimanded for interfering with interstate commerce.
  • The ten orations that have been selected for this volume out of the twelve hundred have all won the first prize in interstate contests.
  • Corporations engaged in interstate commerce should be regulated if they are found to exercise a license working to the public injury.
  • The management is dishonest on all sides, and there is not a road in the country that can be accused of living up to the interstate law.
  • Far-reaching interstate problems are involved; and the resources of single States would often be inadequate.
  • First, the offense must "affect interstate or foreign commerce" in order to become a matter of federal jurisdiction.
  • A pertinent example of an attempt by the government to keep competition alive is the Interstate Commerce law.
  • This amalgamation of the classifications has been brought about chiefly by the traffic associations and as the result of the enactment of the interstate commerce law.
  • I got to the interstate bus station early that morning and waited till 8 or 9 a.m. for the bus going to Mamallapuram to arrive.
  • Following the decennial revelation of the census there is a momentary outburst of dismay and apprehension at the manifest trend in the interstate migration of negroes.
  • He said Mr. Garfield had several suggestions to offer for making the interstate commerce law effective.
  • Preferential treatment that would fill the Interstate Commerce Commission with anguish is always mine.
  • Then he wired his progress to the Interstate people and told them if necessary to reach, him at the Northern Hotel.
  • The Reliance, the new hydroplane of the Interstate people, was twenty feet long and had a fuel gauge and a bilge pump.
  • In 1887 a measure was enacted for the regulation of interstate railways, commonly known as the Interstate Commerce Act.
  • In the interest of the public, the Government should have the right to inspect and examine the workings of the great corporations engaged in interstate business.

Definition of Interstate

(chiefly US and Australia) Of, or relating to two or more states. | (US) A freeway that is part of the Interstate Highway System. | (chiefly US and Australia) Crossing states (usually provincial state, but also e.g. multinational sense).
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