Intertwining in a sentence

Definition of Intertwining

present participle of intertwine | The pattern or motion of something that intertwines.

How to use Intertwining in a Sentence?

  • 1. Great trees arched intertwining branches overhead and cast an even deeper gloom on their path.
  • 2. Her short sleeves, richly trimmed with batiste, are fastened by intertwining gold cords.
  • 3. The shields bear the correct arms of the Abbey, and round the shields are intertwining iron rods.
  • 4. This method consisted in the dexterous intertwining of knots on strings, so as to render them auxiliaries to the memory.
  • 5. Here we see a fimbriated blotch of dark olive moss, spreading its intertwining rootlets in all directions, and further up a spongy tuft of rich brown lichen tipped with snow.