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  • The interview was short.
  • From that interview came everything that is in this book.
  • When this interview is ended there is but one word to say.
  • Then Cris wept anew, and the interview ended.
  • A beggar woman wants an interview with Jibei San!
  • An interview with Jibei San, an inquiry to make.
  • Mr. Le Moyne was holding an interview with Scott.
  • She had been rather dreading this interview to which she had steeled herself.
  • I determined to have an interview with her; but to what purpose?
  • She was finding the interview even more difficult than she had imagined.
  • Sheen had decided how to open the interview before knocking at the door.
  • I thought also that a personal interview would be more satisfactory.
  • The strain of the interview had become too intense; the house was unbearable.
  • Mrs Yabsley had a brief interview with him at the street corner.
  • He ignored this to hurry to his account of the interview with Guion.
  • Sheen could see the marks which had resulted from his interview with Drummond.
  • He wrote Norman a letter asking an interview as soon as he returned.
  • The interview took place in the Headmaster's study.
  • The foreman's interview with Collie that evening was brief.
  • On hearing that she had left, he asked for an interview with Mrs. Westenra.
  • The names used by Columbus in his interview with the King of Portugal.
  • Scott then related the interview between Mr. Le Moyne and himself.
  • Mr. Rhodes fell in with Norman just after his interview with Mr. Wickersham.

How To Use Interview In A Sentence?

  • Frank made it a point to interview several owners of concessions along the beach.
  • They say he was very much frightened by her arrival, but after the interview went away all smiles.
  • His late interview with the magistrate suddenly occurred to him, at which anger affected his mind.
  • Both correspondents stated that they had been told of the interview at the time by Holleben.
  • Sinclair in the meantime had undertaken a quarrelsome interview with Whispering Smith.
  • It is evident that Thayer got his report of the interview directly from Roosevelt himself.
  • I had really fancied myself the chief character in this interview with Mrs. Moss.
  • On the 15th of December I sent word to him that I wished an interview with him.
  • So he called at the office in King William Street, and had a private interview with his friend.
  • Dave proceeded to relate his interview with Mr. Randolph, the manager of the Interstate factory.
  • The result of my interview with the waiter was that we were soon involved in the completest misunderstanding on the subject of gypsies.
  • Keith was on his way back to his office from his final interview with the representative of the syndicate that had bought the properties.
  • And this interview ended with a sarcastic low sweep of the hat which was replaced at the same perilous angle as before.
  • In the course of the interview he gave him no opinion as to the site, and he did not think it wise to ask him.
  • The emotion aroused by the interview had been too much for the old man's fluttering heart.
  • He promised to call again, and our interview is fixed for eleven o'clock the day after to-morrow.
  • But before he went he encompassed a further interview with Val, though he got little of it but pain.

Definition of Interview

To ask questions of (somebody); to have an interview. | To be interviewed; to attend an interview. | (obsolete) An official face-to-face meeting of monarchs or other important figures. [16th-19th c.]
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