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  • I discouraged intimacies of all kinds, with one exception.
  • Already she might have repented of intimacies she had allowed.
  • All our intimacies are but broken lights of the love of God.
  • She wouldn't, George was certain, bare any intimacies of emotion before him.

How To Use Intimacies In A Sentence?

  • But the days spent in this work were days full of the sweet intimacies of love.
  • To the parents there may be some anxiety and uneasiness when their sons and daughters make intimacies out of the house.
  • You ask me about those mysterious and frightful intimacies between children and serpents of which so many instances have been recorded.
  • If we cannot face alone the hostilities on one side of our threshold we cannot face alone the intimacies on the other side of it.
  • It is a disquisition on the affinities of prepositions, the relationships of conjunctions, and the intimacies of other parts of speech.
  • They not infrequently offer innumerable opportunities for intimacies which may or may not fall short of actual sexual relations.
  • The good and great intimacies of our life will perhaps come to us, as the wind bloweth, we cannot tell how.
  • They lacked the little intimacies that he, though he made himself somewhat of an automaton at the wheel, could not have failed to see.
  • Many pleasant intimacies and acquaintances were begun on the stage-coach; flirtations, even courtships, were carried on.
  • It was one of those peculiar, unspoken sympathetic intimacies which exist between certain men and women, without the conscious volition of either.
  • The warm room, with its discreet carpet, its gay ornaments, and its calm light, seemed made for the intimacies of passion.
  • For some reason unknown to himself he assumed that she would be embarrassed, not only by their isolated position but by the intimacies which had arisen between them.
  • He spoke reflectively and as if from long consideration of the subject, entering at once into the intimacies of a relation with the man of his own colour.
  • She was more incensed against Colonel Eldridge than her husband, and had no memory of intimacies of early childhood to soften her towards him.
  • Marriages between leprous and non-leprous individuals are freely contracted, and the intimacies are not prevented by the fact of potent evidences of the disease.
  • Learn distinctly his views and feelings and expectations in regard to that purest and most ennobling of all the functions of your nature, and the most sacred of all intimacies of conjugal love.
  • His passion stimulated his slow wits into unwonted action, until his mind began to form exasperating pictures of intimacies which drove him half mad.
  • A woman can scarcely relate anything more intimate than the story of her bridal night, and is it without further significance that we just happened to come on the intimacies of her sexual life?
  • There were in all five boys from the village, with whom by this time John had formed democratic intimacies and moderate likings which would have shocked his mother.
  • Coyness and modesty always accompany female love, which involuntarily shrink from close masculine contact until its mental phase is sufficiently developed to overrule the antagonistic intimacies of marriage.
  • I find, as I grow older, that I set a higher value on the intimacies of my youth, and am more afflicted by whatever loses one of them to me.
  • To partake of its home intimacies for the first time as of a sacrament, and to perpetuate that same spirit on the anniversaries of the day, will do much toward making it a holy and a happy union.
  • Such being the risk, it is well to be cautious in admitting intimacies of this sort, remembering that one cannot rub shoulders with a soot-stained man without sharing the soot oneself.
  • Yet it is rather the intimacies and friendships among books re-read that I have in mind, when they become all interwoven with endearing memories and associations.
  • THE public are under the impression that the closest intimacies are contracted between vocalists in consequence of their appearing constantly together in the same works.

Definition of Intimacies

plural of intimacy
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