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  • Keith was glad that he had not intimated it.
  • You intimated that you had some business?
  • Had he intimated that he was unmarried?
  • You intimated that you were an idler.
  • She intimated no intention of moving.
  • Flores had intimated that she had gone crazy.
  • His father had intimated that he was coming to tea.
  • The young man intimated that he thought he was equal to it.
  • He had intimated as much, but she denied it fiercely.
  • It is intimated that he has gone to Washington.
  • I intimated it in the little piece on the Drachenfels.
  • You have intimated that you would not help me any further.
  • You have intimated to me several times that law was not my end.
  • Judson intimated that he expected to need more room for goods.
  • Then he intimated that he had rather wait and think it over a little while.
  • We intimated our individual careers in terms of bold expectation.
  • He intimated that this was only a boyish freak, for which he was very sorry.
  • Grey smiled and intimated that he was perfectly willing to be shown the woman.
  • He had intimated that if she could not come there were certain needs ...
  • I then intimated the terms upon which alone she could expect favor.

How To Use Intimated In A Sentence?

  • Rufus welcomed company and intimated that his only wonder was that they were not all leaving.
  • Hermione exaggerated when she intimated that she had a secret bitterer than that we keep together.
  • I have never said or intimated that there were women who were not credible witnesses.
  • As has been intimated this condition lasted down until a comparatively recent period.
  • It had been intimated that the procession of people might be turned into a mockery.
  • He intimated that he should most probable have cider on the table in bottles when he got home.
  • Without leaving their seats, they intimated that they had come to an agreement.
  • These again raised them, and by signs intimated their intention of accompanying them.
  • He intimated that he would wink at their practices but he would not tolerate them by public act.
  • His manner intimated that the ringing of all bells whatsoever must await her convenience.
  • Then she resumed her sceptre, and intimated her intention to return to the palace.
  • The firm caved in at once and intimated to the editor that he must find another publisher.
  • He had frequently intimated his own readiness to go, if his neighbours wished it.
  • Mustapha had intimated that the renegade considered his fifth voyage to be one of great marvels.
  • I intimated as much, and he at once proceeded fluently to illustrate this point also.
  • Maxwell had intimated that any man found wandering in the darkness would promptly be fired upon.
  • But these superstitions have departed, as intimated by the blocking up of north church doors.
  • About mid-day we steered for the shore where our black crew intimated that they intended to dine.
  • He therefore intimated as much to the courier, and the latter took his departure.
  • By signs and every other manifestation in her power, she had intimated her wish to see him.

Definition of Intimated

simple past tense and past participle of intimate
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