Intimation In A Sentence

Definition of Intimation

The act of intimating | the thing intimated. | Announcement; declaration.

How To Use Intimation In A Sentence?

  • Something in the quality of my voice gave her an intimation of unusual gravity.
  • There is found in the bible no intimation that there was the least difference in the days.
  • There was an intimation in her glance that this event had not made the world appear any rosier.
  • His first intimation of trouble was the hearing of the resonant tramp of feet outside.
  • A letter was at once sent to him by his employer, conveying the intimation of his dismissal.
  • There was no intimation that he was not ready to listen, but he did not seem quite ready to talk.
  • This intimation determined William, in conjunction with his mother, to attempt their escape.
  • Up to this time no intimation had reached the Lower Fort of pursuit by the myrmidons of M. Riel.
  • Not the slightest intimation that a human being was justly entitled to the product of his own labor.
  • At this point he received the first intimation that his journey was not to be so solitary as he had supposed.
  • As yet we have received no intimation that the other side have the slightest trace of the document in question.
  • Truly we seem to have an intimation that being is some third thing, when we say that rest and motion are.
  • It was the other's first intimation that she had not come after all upon a wild goose chase.
  • They threw up their hands in speechless intimation that the road was simply paved with refreshment-peddlers.
  • They had to hear our addresses and prayers and hymns; they had to listen to the intimation of our future meetings.
  • Recollect that the least intimation of it, however private we may be, will be the signal of your dismissal.
  • These conflagrations were apparently the first intimation received by the Turks that we had withdrawn.
  • The concluding line, with its intimation of failing provisions, amounted almost to an appeal for help.
  • Neither of them drops the slightest intimation of any intention on the part of Jesus to set up anything permanent.
  • The first intimation he had of anything wrong was a cry from the girl, and he saw a strip of water widen between the canoe and the bank.
  • That sense of largeness came to me then, and it has come to me since, again and again, a splendid intimation or a splendid vanity.
  • The howls in the passage were the first official intimation Sheen had received that his shortcomings were public property.
  • Mr. Wickersham received the first intimation of it in the shape of a draft which came to him from some distant point.
  • The first intimation which was given the merchantman that a U-boat was in his neighbourhood was the explosion of the torpedo in his hull.
  • And then, with the distinct intimation that that would do, that she had gone far enough, she crossed her hands in her lap and waited.
  • Even without this intimation I would quite naturally have refrained from offending the religious sensibilities of my nationals at that post.
  • Mr. Schirr's intimation had alarmed her, and now the telephone call added to her uneasiness.
  • What I thought that you intended when you gave your assent; for there are two sorts of intimation of being which are given by the voice.
  • Let me hold his head," he said, with a too obvious intimation that Harboro needed help.
  • My first intimation that there was a celebration taking place was being attracted by a tremendous uproar in the native village just as darkness had fallen.
  • In spite of his vast prestige I claim kindred with him and set his name upon my title-page, in partial intimation of the matter of my story.
  • We perceive no intimation in the various instructions given them which can lead us to imagine that their office was intended to be or could be bequeathed.
  • I remember once during the Oxford days an intimation that should have set me thinking, and I suppose discreetly disentangling myself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Intimation | Intimation Sentence

  • I repeat that intimation now.
  • Due intimation had been made to the presbytery.
  • Immediately after which intimation the stranger departed.
  • His lordship had given no intimation of his return.
  • Of course all were eager for intimation of our next move.
  • This intimation of an army suggests an anecdote of the past war-time.
  • I further had an intimation of the British disposition toward Russia.

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