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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Into An | Into An Sentence

  • He broke into an exclamation.
  • I can get you into an association.
  • Together they slipped into an alliance.
  • Drew was jarred into an answer.
  • Copley burst into an offensive laugh.
  • In a few years it matures into an adult.
  • Presently it flattened out into an open valley.
  • Salem had grown into an important place then.
  • He moved into an easier position.
  • Put the names of all the philosophers into an urn.
  • I can put more pull into an ad.
  • Ran into an ambuscade, did he?
  • She broke into an exclamation and disappeared.
  • He sinks into an intoxicated stupor.
  • I sank into an arm-chair.
  • Malone flicked his cigarette into an ashtray.
  • Jessy drew him into an exchange of badinage.
  • You were thrown at once into an invidious position.
  • It swayed into an oscillation with the impact.
  • He can transform himself into an angel of light.
  • The other was made into an opening into the library.
  • It can convert them into an ivory tower.
  • Louise threw herself into an easy chair.
  • Pour all into an agate pudding dish.
  • The fog whisked off into an azure sky.
  • Grind the resulting mass into an amorphous powder.
  • His lips curved into an insolent smile.
  • He slid the cat into an inner pocket.
  • Raven came near breaking into an oath.
  • He fell into an attitude of profound attention.
  • He motioned his companion into an arm-chair.
  • Mix and then pour into an au gratin dish.
  • It was being moulded into an approach to bodily outline.
  • They plunged into an eager discussion on the book.
  • Then he led the way into an office building.

How To Use Into An In A Sentence?

  • As it was they narrowly escaped falling into an ambush.
  • He got into an autocar and slammed the door.
  • The company had certainly fallen into an ambush.
  • Then he looked into an empty glass profoundly.
  • Germs change sugar and other sweets into an acid.
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