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  • Is this attribute employed to account for the introduction of sin into the world?
  • Hence it is no part of our object to pry into mystery, but to get rid of absurdity.
  • Did he really banish all non-elect infants into the region of penal fire and everlasting woe?
  • He comes into the world with a nature fatally corrupt, and powerfully tending to actual evil.
  • It embraces the half views of both schemes, and moulds them into one great and full-orbed truth.
  • We boast our light; but if we look not wisely on the sun itself, it smites us into darkness.
  • They would have been more than human if they had not fallen into some such errors as these which we have ascribed to them.
  • This is an element which has been wrought into their system by the subsequent progress of human knowledge.
  • And this occurrence of sin, in consequence of his disposing and ordering events, enters into his design.
  • But his extreme anxiety to save the credit of his author has betrayed him, it seems to us, into an apology which will not bear a close examination.
  • It lives, it germinates, it grows, it springs up into the stately plant, and is crowned with beauty.
  • Even so the human soul, although it be subjected to the powers of darkness for a season, may emerge into the light and blessedness of eternity.
  • The ideal creations of the poet and the philosopher sink into perfect insignificance beside the actual creation of God.
  • But the scene is closed, and all its magnificence shut in, only that it may open out again, as it were, into all the wonders of a new creation.
  • Why leave us, for so great a portion of earthly existence, in comparative ignorance, to grope out our way into regions of light?
  • Thus he returns to the absurd idea of free-will as consisting in "elbow-room," which merely allows our choice or volition to pass into effect.
  • Thus Luther calls the foreknowledge of God a thunderbolt to dash the doctrine of free-will into atoms.
  • The more we look into their writings on this subject, the more irreconcilable seems the conflict of opinion in which they are among themselves involved.
  • It resolves the whole scheme, which regards the world as the best that could possibly be made, into a loose, vague, and untenable hypothesis.
  • Now, here we are in the very midst of the concrete world, and here is a difficulty which cannot be avoided by a flight into the ideal region of the possible.
  • Edwards is far from being the only necessitarian who has fallen into the error of identifying the sensibility with the will; thus reducing his doctrine to an unassailable truism.
  • After having converted the seeming discrepancy between the divine power and human agency into a real contradiction, it is too late to endeavour to reconcile them.
  • According to his philosophy, it can have no existence; and hence we are not to look into that philosophy for any very clear account of how it took its rise in the world.
  • And to enforce this lesson, he assured them that it was displeasing to the gods for men to attempt to pry into the wonderful art wherewith they had constructed the universe.
  • He merely dwells upon the terrors of the punishment, and brings these into vivid contrast with the weakness and impotency of man in his mortal state.
  • But to proceed: let us see how he has proved that volition does not produce itself; that it does not arise out of nothing and bring itself into existence.
  • In due time it puts off its form of death, and rises, "like a winged flower," from the cold earth into a warm region of life and light.
  • But that which in any respect makes way for a thing coming into being, or for any manner or circumstance of its first existence, must be prior to existence.
  • Thus has the writer endeavoured to work his way through the mingled lights and obscurity of human systems into a bright and beautiful vision of the great harmonious system of the world itself.
  • Why did he not leave all such uncreated, and call into existence only such as he foreknew would obey his law, and become like himself in purity and bliss?
  • This is the clew, by which we are to be conducted from the dark labyrinth of atheistical doubt and scepticism, into the clear and open light of divine providence.
  • But before accepting this scheme on the ground of its evidence, we have deemed it prudent to look into the very interior of the scheme itself, and weigh the evidence on which it is so confidently recommended.
  • God is sovereign; he will permit no more sin than he can and will render subservient to the highest good of the universe; and so much as is for the highest good he will bring into existence.
  • This is the great central light which has been wanting to the scheme of optimism, to convert it from a mere but magnificent hypothesis, into a clearly manifested and glorious reality.
  • If this want were supplied, then the philosophy of the mind might be, according to his view of its nature and operations, converted into a portion of mechanics.
  • Having involved themselves in that scheme, on what has appeared to them conclusive evidence, they have seemed to struggle in vain to force their way out into the clear and open light of nature.
  • Some resolve this belief and feeling of liberty into a deceitful sense; some imagine that we are deceived by the ambiguities of language; and some resort to other methods of explaining the phenomenon.
  • If it tears up the forest, this is not because it exercises an active power, but because it is body coming into contact with body, and both cannot occupy the same space at one and the same time.
  • Let this distinction be clearly made and firmly borne in mind, and the great boasted adamantine scheme of necessity will resolve itself into an empty, ineffectual sound.

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  • Who will lash the winds into submission, or bind the raging ocean at his feet?

Definition of Into

Going inside (of). | Going to a geographic region. | Against, especially with force or violence.
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