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How To Use Into What In A Sentence?

  • Seymour had a trick of putting expression into what he said by means of his hands.
  • What follows fits so into what has been spoken of that the identification seems complete.
  • How odd it was that he had never seen into what a pit of imprudence he was sinking!
  • With a stab at the heart he realized now into what peril he had brought his baby.
  • They have an extreme dislike to marrying into what they consider unhealthy families.
  • Into what a wretched muddle of concealments and inconsistencies and insincerities had he fallen!
  • He found himself looking down into what he supposed was the great entrance hall of the castle.
  • He preached as one who fully believed and thoroughly entered into what he was preaching about.
  • It is easy to judge into what alarm this unexpected and disagreeable proximity threw me.
  • Their whole appearance and carriage left him in no doubt into what company he had fallen.
  • Such are the amiable motives that sometimes enter into what is called a love match!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Into What | Into What Sentence

  • And stepping into what?
  • Into what are counties divided?
  • Knowest thou into what one?
  • And into what kind of matter!
  • You cut it and crush it into what you will.
  • Or into what new follies run?
  • Into what madness had this woman beguiled him!
  • Into what mad folly had the fever thrown him!
  • I asked him into what redoubt he was going to steal?
  • And into what may not any thing be thus explained?
  • Into what are different kinds of aliment separated?
  • Into what groups are the mechanically formed rocks divided?
  • I soon developed into what is called a Medium.
  • Stop at home, sir, and get into what mischief you like.
  • Let us see into what curious little figures I can twist it.
  • Into what two groups do the ten words in Exodus 20 fall?
  • Into what do I translate every case of Synthesis?
  • I asked her, saying; Lady, into what part of the field?
  • Our happiness and our sufferings have moulded her into what she now is.
  • All have come from where they were into what was a far country.
  • Mixing into what was sensual some of the dear divineness of the mother-love?
  • Instead of inquiring into what is, he deliberates about what ought to be.
  • Into what a bottomless pit has my lust after gold plunged me.
  • But it gave her a new and startling flash of insight into what was coming.
  • The two young men passed through into what appeared to be a kitchen.
  • It put zest into what otherwise would have been a dragging day.
  • You may imagine into what state of mind the reading of this letter threw me.
  • Into what two classes of lesions are the objective symptoms commonly divided?
  • By moulding the concrete into what are called "bag-blocks.
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