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  • Pardon the intoning of the heavy way.
  • With their slow, rhythmical cadence, they seem to be intoning litanies.

How To Use Intoning In A Sentence?

  • Flattening while intoning is almost entirely due to boys using the thick register.
  • It was these voiceless spectres of a voice long dead that stirred the transparent silence, intoning toneless tones.
  • The Pehmo, having adjusted his clothes, sits cross-legged before the altar, and begins intoning his incantations in a low muttering voice.
  • The voice, intoning the English words so slowly, so carefully, seemed gentle, concerned with his welfare ... and afraid of him.
  • Than airs that in the wood intoning start, Or breath of silences in dells begot To soothe some grief-wan soul with sin a-smart.

Definition of Intoning

present participle of intone | intonation
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