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  • He had never used intoxicants of any description.
  • Fatigue and intoxicants increase suggestibility very strongly.
  • In it the use of tobacco and intoxicants was especially interdicted.

How To Use Intoxicants In A Sentence?

  • As an apostle of temperance in the use of intoxicants and narcotics he was uncompromising.
  • Under the influence of alcoholic drinks and of poisonous intoxicants attention and will always fall into exhaustion.
  • I was asked to write a series of articles on the use of intoxicants in the island, for a temperance publication in this country.
  • The restaurant is not run for profit, but to afford the people a place to eat cheaply and to spend time without going where intoxicants are sold.
  • In this city it was observed that out of 470 persons who answered questions with reference to whether or not they imbibed only 210 of them said that they drank, while 267 made no use of intoxicants at all.

Definition of Intoxicants

plural of intoxicant
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