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  • It has been an intoxicating time to me.
  • To abstain from all intoxicating liquors.
  • Hast thou partaken of the intoxicating drug?
  • Its sweet intoxicating odour floated up to my nostrils.
  • He is puzzled, but filled with intoxicating joy.
  • The Indians also make from it an intoxicating drink.
  • Sister Janet, has an intoxicating quality.
  • Plant used at Otaheite to catch fish by intoxicating them.
  • The Intoxicating Liquors Bill.
  • Nothing is so intoxicating to a weak man as money acquired without toil.
  • Almost insipid compared to your enchanting, intoxicating fragrance.
  • I did not see any alcoholic, or at least intoxicating beverages amongst them.
  • Originally Soma is the intoxicating juice of a certain plant.
  • He thought of the intoxicating delight of ski-ing in the moonlight....
  • Stone-wall" was a most intoxicating mixture of cider and rum.

How To Use Intoxicating In A Sentence?

  • From that day to this not a drop of intoxicating liquor has ever passed my lips.
  • No member shall be allowed to take any intoxicating spirits to any meeting of the .
  • Those intoxicating moments forced themselves upon her, whether she would or no.
  • When he saw her, his last doubt of the reality of this intoxicating journey vanished.
  • Wild shouts rent the air; there was an intoxicating element that enveloped all things.
  • He perceived the cool fragrance of her mouth, intoxicating as the scent of a rose.
  • They all got out at Surbiton, and I was alone with my triumph for a few intoxicating minutes.
  • Why should my use of intoxicating liquors fetter me in dissuading these poor creatures from their abuse?
  • The whole village belongs to him; and he'll not have a drop of intoxicating drinks sold in it.
  • I have no need to look at any with misgiving lest their bright faces should owe their brightness to excess in intoxicating liquors.
  • It is a hideous spectacle to contemplate the enthusiasm of crime, and see men madly intoxicating themselves with their own atrocities.
  • Mead, prepared from the honey of wild bees, was the only intoxicating drink, both beer and wine being unknown.
  • Huge coleas accentuate the spring verdure with heavy masses of bronze and crimson, and magnolias exhale intoxicating odours from snowy chalices.
  • When we ride or labor in cold weather, an adequate amount of nutritious food will sustain the warmth of the system better than intoxicating drinks.
  • Hours have passed; one intoxicating waltz-measure has been exchanged for another, that falls upon the ear as enthralling as the last.
  • He was resolved to become a water-drinker, to pay no more visits to the man at the cottage, and to keep no intoxicating drinks in his house.
  • Her beauty, her astounding mixture of fire and innocence, her good humour, and her gaiety were even more intoxicating than before marriage.
  • He felt that, dearly as he loved Mary, he could not forego all intoxicating drinks even for her sake.
  • His face was bloated by constant use of intoxicating liquors, weather-beaten by a seafaring life, and bronzed by exposure to a fierce tropical sun.
  • Accordingly, it became necessary later to fall back upon the former rigorous regulations against the sale of intoxicating liquors to the Indians.
  • To a man who has had nothing to do with women, to be engaged is an intoxicating experience, and at first life was one long golden glow to Roland.
  • His love of the intoxicating soma juice was notorious, and with sacrifices of this liquor his adorers were accustomed to inspire and invigorate him.
  • It is indisputable that the whole nation loved her and honored her to the last, even when disappointments had saddened her and the intoxicating delusions of life had been dispelled.
  • There is too much of a tendency among some women to seek alleviation in intoxicating compounds, 'bitters,' 'tonics,' and so forth, at such times.
  • Our manufacturers of cotton and woollen have of late loudly deplored the falling off of their home trade, while the consumption of intoxicating drink continues to increase.

Definition of Intoxicating

(of a substance) Able to intoxicate; an intoxicant. | (figuratively) Very exciting and stimulating, like alcohol or some other stimulant. | present participle of intoxicate
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