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  • Where did these intricate symbols come from?
  • Somehow he will find the intricate key to fame.
  • The entrance, however, is intricate and dangerous.
  • The conversation was becoming too intricate for Jellicoe.
  • But to me it is just intricate enough to engage the interest.
  • It's much too intricate for you to see.
  • Unravels an intricate tangle of political intrigue and private revenge.

How To Use Intricate In A Sentence?

  • The pattern is not whimsically intricate but is shaped by an understanding mind.
  • With it she was enabled to thread her way through the intricate mazes of the great wood.
  • Finally, the intricate connection of gods and beasts is no singular or isolated phenomenon.
  • And what was life, after all, except a complex and intricate blend of human relations?
  • White was a valuable auxiliary to Kosciuszko in a somewhat intricate piece of business.
  • So that the question was not so intricate in him as in Hamlet, he was not nearly so conscious.
  • He swallowed, marveling at the intricate mechanisms that let him swallow, and sweat, and eat.
  • And ceased, above my intricate house; And silence, silence, silence found me. . . .
  • Something as intricate and bewildering as impulse was winding through the smoothly beaten road of his habit of thought.
  • Many an intricate perplexity of these broadening years did not so much get settled as cease to matter.
  • The delicate and intricate machinery of the vocal apparatus renders it peculiarly susceptible to misuse or exposure.
  • The other boys had been affected according to their various temperaments by the intricate and bewildering events of the past few days.
  • Who is there in the world that can boast of having fathomed and thoroughly penetrated the intricate and ever-changing nature of a woman?
  • Necessarily, an instrument which will take care of a battery in this way, is intricate in construction.
  • They extend over a surface of more than a mile, and their windings are so intricate that a traveller may easily lose his way.
  • Its dozen rows of tubes were shattered, its intricate coils of wire and machinery hopelessly smashed.
  • The song of this bird is a rapid, intricate warble, like that of the indigo-bird, though stronger and louder.
  • Mother, concentrated on an intricate place in her drawn-Yu-ork, didn't at once answer.
  • These machines do such careful, minute, intricate work that, as you stand and watch them, you feel as if they must know what they are about.
  • For where the biplane has an intricate control system, Lilienthal relied entirely upon his own body to operate his glider.
  • I could see how it appeared to her, but I could not make her see anything of the intricate process that had brought me to this divergence.
  • By His help one can soothe difficulties, explain intricate mysteries, and resolve everything easily.
  • They found Lieutenant Laigney in his quarters, making what seemed to be some intricate calculations.
  • As a matter of fact, whatever may have been the reason, I never forgot any detail of that extremely intricate map.
  • Be that as it may, I often visited him in his laboratory and watched, fascinated, as he pored over some of his intricate apparatus.
  • Grief took advantage of the wavering, made as if to sign the paper, and at the same instant, like a cat, exploded into swift and intricate action.
  • The geometry of the heavens is not more astonishing than the geometry of the beehive, nor is the architecture of the finest city built by man more intricate and masterly.
  • There was nothing intricate or secret about the running of the Lazy A ranch; nothing that should interest any one save the owner.
  • The man had undoubtedly received a set-back in the last half-hour in the displacement of a programme that must have cost him much intricate scheming.
  • Three years ago I had been away from London engaged on an intricate investigation, with neither time nor inclination to think of anything else.
  • Although these operating systems make computers easier to use in some ways, they prevent users from gaining access or command over its more intricate processes.
  • The second are subjects too heavy for children: your formal theology would be one of them, your judgments on some intricate subjects may be among them.
  • These simplest life processes are so marvelous and involve the action of such an intricate mass of machinery that we can no longer retain our earlier notion of protoplasm as the physical basis of life.

Definition of Intricate

Having a great deal of fine detail or complexity. | (intransitive) To become enmeshed or entangled. | (transitive) To enmesh or entangle: to cause to intricate.
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