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  • She has intrigued with them all in turn against me.
  • The idea intrigued him at once.
  • There was a forest that always intrigued her.
  • Her very calmness and primness intrigued the mining man.
  • But Lucanus had formerly intrigued against him.
  • The Green Door intrigued and puzzled her.
  • He has for years intrigued against me, and sought to do me harm.
  • He admitted that the problem of the stricken team members intrigued him.
  • He was still intrigued by Sylvia's manner.
  • My host saw I was intrigued and said, "Take it along.
  • Virtually, Seward intrigued against Lincoln for control of the Administration.

How To Use Intrigued In A Sentence?

  • It was one of her few references to a past that rather intrigued her step-daughter.
  • He was at one and the same time intrigued and offended by the turn the conversation had taken.
  • First he intrigued secretly, and in the end he took up arms against his brother and lawful prince.
  • This mystery connected with his withdrawal from public affairs intrigued the American.
  • He intrigued with neighbouring states against Assyria, but was closely watched.
  • And I know that he has intrigued with a former agent of the bureau of Foreign Affairs.
  • The class difference, which so intrigued Mrs. Failing, meant very little to them.
  • Paisiello intrigued against the new opera, and organised a conspiracy to kill it on the first night.
  • But to Drew it was a new experience and he was deeply intrigued by what he saw and the reasons for such action.
  • Was it the offended councillors who had thus intrigued against him, some jealous courtier who had a grudge against him, or his own fugitive wife?
  • I simply so intrigued them with flights of oratory that they decided I was a natural born congressman!
  • Three nations who have intrigued against my work see their chance, and are at Kaid's elbow.
  • An open fire was another treat to me; and I remember being much intrigued by a buttery-hatch in the background.
  • I laughed and saluted, mightily intrigued at what his meaning might be, and then rode off to attend on the General.
  • With her, politics became a passion and a necessity; even while in exile, her zeal was unflagging and she intrigued over all Europe.
  • For Seward it must be said that, however he had intrigued against his chief at Washington, he did not intrigue with the country.
  • Harry and Val, professing to be busy inside the Villa, cast many an intrigued glance from the windows.
  • The townspeople bewailed their misfortunes, and all ranks and classes intrigued with the enemy in the hope of securing safety when the town should fall.
  • New methods of procedure were introduced to deal with political trials, but the ministerial cabal by which the country was administered intrigued and squabbled to such an extent that it had to be dismissed.
  • The crowd of fashionable and idle gapers had pushed and jostled in order to hear the ugly story of how wealth and position are fought for and intrigued for even at the cost of crime.
  • A woman who had intrigued with her own slave or who wished to marry him was condemned to death in the most summary fashion; and even if the man were a freedman, the penalty was just the same.
  • Esh-baal grew continually weaker, and his general Abner intrigued with David to betray him into the hands of the Jewish king.
  • If such a woman deceived and intrigued it would be for great purposes and for ends she believed in: the depth of her soul had air and daylight in it, and she would never willingly shut them out.
  • He had made for it a frame with a little door which locked, and which greatly intrigued the good woman for several days; until she found that the back of it came off quite easily.

Definition of Intrigued

simple past tense and past participle of intrigue
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