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  • With an Introduction by Epes Sargent.
  • With an Introduction and Notes by the Government Archivist.
  • The introduction of Horace into this circle makes an interesting story.
  • On the table lay his letter of introduction and his bad "Souvenir" dollar.
  • Madame Milano's introduction will be, Judy.
  • Edited, with an Introduction on Mental Discipline in Education.
  • The sudden introduction of this sacred subject made Ida's head reel.
  • PHYSIOGRAPHY: an Introduction to the Study of Nature.

How To Use Introduction In A Sentence?

  • Is this attribute employed to account for the introduction of sin into the world?
  • The introduction of the exotic varieties dates from the beginning of the 19th century.
  • The introduction of these elements gives new resources to existing proprietors.
  • This kind of introduction will do you excellent service in smoothing the path to failure.
  • He was then introduced, and he acknowledged each introduction with a careless nod.
  • The colonel quickly stepped into the breach, and the introduction of Courtlandt became general.
  • That calamity is a sufficient introduction to every roof, I trust, in a civilized country.
  • The Agha called at once, and I sent my letter of introduction from the Amin-es-Sultan.
  • Her sitting-room had been appropriated as a refuge for the tenants, and this sudden reunion was my introduction to them.
  • This gave him an early introduction to the country with which the fame of the future soldier of fortune was to be especially identified.
  • Rarely has a book had a more propitious introduction to the public; but it was destined to encounter the proverbial fickleness of that public.
  • Japanese work has been severely criticized, but the recency of the introduction of the cotton industry must not be forgotten.
  • With her father, her mother and the others, the inevitable introduction would be shorn of its danger.
  • The first is a sort of introduction to the second, and the second an usher to the third, and so on through the whole.
  • Sometimes, however, it is expedient to precede the topic sentence by one or more sentences of introduction or transition.
  • Do not think that this is merely intended to serve as an introduction to the favor I am about to ask of you.
  • The superintendent gave a slight bend forward, as much as to say that this introduction to the subject in hand was a matter of course.
  • With the introduction of Renaissance architecture, the character of these quasi-mediaeval structures changed altogether.
  • See our Introduction to Mrs. Hunt's translation of Grimm's Household Tales.
  • With the introduction of the mail coaches with well-armed, resolute guards, there was a cessation of mail robberies on the main roads.
  • Judy never did anything by halves, and after her introduction to books that she liked, she outread Anne.
  • We have now said about all that, in our opinion, seems necessary for a general introduction to modern German literature.
  • The Cockaynes deserve a few words of formal introduction to the reader, since he is destined to make their better acquaintance.
  • The introduction of Christianity, and final extirpation of idolatry, is said to have occurred in the sixth century.
  • Well schooled in the Vanderbilt methods of railroad operation, it was his task to begin their introduction into the newly acquired railroad.
  • Some of our elderly readers may probably recollect it as the stopping stage of the coaches which ran prior to the introduction of the railway system.
  • The introduction of farces into the entertainments of the theatre has been one cause of destroying that legitimate comedy, which such critics require.
  • Moreover, its introduction to the extent to which the authors have presented it simplifies rather than increases the difficulties with which the development of the principles of the science is attended.
  • Soon after the introduction of spinning by rollers, English all-cottons began to rival the Indian in quality as well as in cost.
  • It contains, besides the chromolithographs of the 74 plates, an introduction published at Leipzig, 1880, 4^o.
  • It is also remarkable, Professor Willis points out, for the way in which the arches are disposed without the introduction of ribs.
  • This was my first introduction to the negroes, whose presence in the country makes America seem more foreign than anything to European eyes.

Definition of Introduction

The act or process of introducing. | A means, such as a personal letter, of presenting one person to another. | An initial section of a book or article, which introduces the subject material.
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