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  • To your brave hands I now intrust my rights.
  • To thee alone Will he intrust the purpose of his coming.
  • Rosanette did not know anyone to whom she could intrust them.
  • She was long in selecting one to whom she could intrust them.
  • To no famous brush dared he intrust his rather obvious commission.
  • What do you mean, sir, to intrust this man with your affairs thus?
  • I intrust Carl to her kindness, and entirely rely on her motherly care.
  • And when I am dead, I intrust them to you, Edouard Vicentevitch.

How To Use Intrust In A Sentence?

  • He asked them to care for his violin, for he would not have dared to intrust it to any one else.
  • From that time the Lord was pleased more and more to intrust me with means for my own purse.
  • Besides, there are certain domestic troubles, which I do not intrust to writing.
  • I must tell you my secret, and intrust to you my last request, I must lay my life open before you.
  • I laughed, and said that I thought I had sufficient confidence in him to intrust it to his care.
  • I intrust this matter to you, as you have your friends and admirers among the drivers and liverymen.
  • It was of the utmost importance to intrust the few and feeble forts of that great dominion to men of established valor and discretion.
  • Will she intrust her happiness to my keeping, and change the darkest shadow that ever lowered over my life into a gleam of unspeakable brightness?
  • She knew that she might safely intrust me with this permission; secure that, even if my resolutions were good, they would be ineffective.
  • I will intrust the task of establishing a reform of Egyplosis in competent hands, assisted by a council of your own representatives.
  • The Elector, it is said, studied sometime before he decided to whom he could intrust this vast sum during his absence.
  • These ideas of M. Condorcet are the principles of those to whom kings are to intrust their successors and the interests of their succession.
  • I told him we would trade her off for fifty thousand; not such bad intrust for a mountain yahoo and his old woman, He!
  • As you desire to intrust me with this money, I do not refuse it, knowing many ways to lay it out for him, etc.
  • But Dr. Lloyd was too chary of the treasure he had so faithfully preserved, to intrust him to his own keeping.
  • Sometimes I shall employ you as my errand-boy, again I may intrust you with important and confidential business.
  • When at length he was certain no native would dare intrust himself or his boat to the treacherous maelstrom of the niche, he abandoned hope for the night.
  • The skipper was hardly the person to intrust with the care of finding a teacher and looking up school-books, and for a time they were in doubt and perplexity.
  • It is exceedingly important that the seeds are not wounded, and for that reason it is inexpedient to intrust the more expeditious method of halving the fruit with a sharp knife to any but experienced workmen.
  • Oddly enough, although common-sense is ready to intrust to naturalism the description of the situation of life, it prefers to deal otherwise with its ideals.
  • Parties may not always have sufficient confidence in the ability, honesty, and impartiality of the justice by whom a suit is to be tried, to intrust their interests to his judgment.
  • But if there is anyone of whom you have already had reason to doubt, or concerning whom you have made some discovery, in such a man place no confidence, intrust him with no particle of your reputation.
  • Therefore men, after courage in the warrior, and truth in all, begin to attach honour to the elder, whom they intrust with preserving justice amongst them.

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