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  • This is the process in intuitive minds.
  • They were intuitive perceptions of truth on their part.
  • Self-evidently this intuitive recognition is no discovery.
  • But intuitive knowledge is an entirely different thing.
  • She looked at me in her keen, intuitive way.
  • When I speak of knowledge, I mean intuitive knowledge.
  • Beyond knowledge comes the intuitive feeling which is enriched by knowledge.
  • I have great faith in first impressions of intuitive liking or disliking.
  • Already, with intuitive guile, she was laying the foundations of her defense.
  • Dieses ungeheure, unvergleichlich intuitive Wissen ist das Genie Balzacs.
  • Die Jugend hat jenes intuitive Auge, das durch die Hüllen dringt.

How To Use Intuitive In A Sentence?

  • His understanding of the powers of the mind and spirit was intuitive and very great.
  • Its hostility to the intuitive philosophy must be obvious even to unpractised minds.
  • There came into her soul an intuitive feeling that somehow his coming was fraught with danger.
  • The intuitive idea takes its position at the centre, and at once all blazes with glory.
  • Moreover, he was intuitive enough to feel her antipathy toward him on purely general grounds.
  • In Linnaeus and Cuvier the intuitive element predominates; in Gauss, the analytical element.
  • Even as a child, I knew, knew by some intuitive perception, that Uncle John was not happy.
  • This evidence that they that are spiritually enlightened have of the truth of the things of religion is a kind of intuitive and immediate evidence.
  • No arguments can ever destroy in the minds of the vast majority of men this innate and intuitive faith.
  • These may be distinguished by the names of acquired knowledge, and intuitive or fundamental articles of belief.
  • She felt a new timidity as he handed her out, an immense gratitude for his firm tone and intuitive tact.
  • If the intuitive imagination is combined with the deductive spirit we have the analytical talent of the systematic naturalist, of the geometrician.
  • Children are intuitive judges of character; no really bad man or woman ever had the love of a child.
  • Assuredly his father knew how to drive horses and to care for them; and he had an intuitive knack for safeguarding his self-respect.
  • Still at the window, he aimlessly gaped out through its portal and added to the earlier tracings of thought regarding his intuitive lore.
  • In intuitive or unreasoned judgment, on the other hand, we jump to the conclusion without analyzing the intermediate steps.
  • And, as he was one of those intuitive ones with whom to feel was almost to prove, his attitude changed from the subjective to the objective.
  • A woman one shade less intuitive would have let the dusky masses fall over a lace-covered tea-gown.
  • He seemed to possess a kind of intuitive appreciation of a flaw; and he pounced upon a defect with a rapidity that counterfeited genius.
  • Elephant-trainers, too, adduce instances that almost pass the line of distinction between intuitive prudence and the results of reflection.
  • In most cases, however, the seer has an intuitive sense of the time-relations of a vision which is borne in upon him with the vision itself.
  • Many of these inventions were made by manual workers who, by intuitive genius, saw what was needed to meet the requirements that arose in practice.
  • As he had, besides all this, very keen observation and great intuitive judgment of character, he was probably right in his point of attack.
  • This is not even desirable, and would require the intuitive genius of Froebel in every single teacher.
  • Uneducated people, trusting to intuitive perceptions, promptly decide that such or such a child, or person, has been spoiled by cultivation.
  • Though Scott was only eighteen years old, he was an intuitive sailor, and had a good deal of experience for his years.
  • Spencer, principles of the sensational philosophy stated by, 205; system of, hostile to intuitive philosophy, 208.
  • It was one of those moments when the intuitive assertion of dignity and self-reliance lays down its arms before the need of comfort and companionship.
  • It has been the appointed task of Mr. Wasson to be on the alert against assaults on the intuitive philosophy from the side of material science.

Definition of Intuitive

Spontaneous, without requiring conscious thought. | Easily understood or grasped by intuition. | Having a marked degree of intuition.
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