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  • This is no invention of ours.
  • This is an invention of mine.
  • It was all an invention of their enemies.
  • My shirts are an invention of my own.
  • The invention of machinery.
  • This was before the invention of the gin.
  • It is an invention of the nineteenth century.
  • Surplus-labor is not an invention of modern capitalists.
  • You must know that that pie is an invention of my own!
  • I believe hell to be the invention of adolescence.
  • Invention of telescopes, 1590.
  • So the next step was the invention of a smokeless powder.
  • All gaiety was an invention of the devil, according to him.
  • The invention of the Negro.
  • It is the invention of the Namaquas.
  • It is the invention of a Melbourne watchmaker.
  • The long invention of the race is a tortuous, obscure way.
  • They were an invention of Lord Cromer in the year 1885.
  • Money, Invention of, 286; sought as an end, 289.
  • The story about the biography had been the invention of a moment.
  • I do not believe this invention of yours about the masked ball.
  • Gascoigne overcame this difficulty by his invention of the micrometer.
  • People ground their corn with this before the invention of querns and milk.
  • Before the invention of gunpowder its situation made it impregnable.
  • A brief sketch of the invention of printing and how it came about.
  • The most valuable improvement was the invention of the rifle barrel.
  • It might have been the merest gossip or the invention of an enemy.
  • Henry avoided this difficulty by the invention of what is known as the relay.
  • It was an old invention of thieves and possessed no originality.
  • The history of the invention of the telephone is easily apprehended.
  • Marryat had an extraordinary gift for the invention of episodes in his stories.
  • These exclusives sink under the audacious invention of an aspiring mind.
  • It was his experiments that led to the invention of the black-bulb thermometer.
  • His experiments finally resulted in his invention of the condensing engine.
  • Economic importance to south of invention of cotton-gin in 1793.
  • The invention of printing wrought a mighty change in this respect.

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  • Balloons are still at that point where ships were before the invention of steam.
  • Meanwhile his latest effort was the invention of a picturesque waterproof cloak.
  • Milton had not yet transferred the invention of firearms to the rebellious angels.
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