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  • He showed no inventiveness or resourcefulness.

How To Use Inventiveness In A Sentence?

  • Note the inventiveness of women, most of which goes to waste because they lack the wonderful constructive ability of men.
  • These vermin and pests must succumb sooner or later to his untiring inventiveness and incessantly growing discipline.
  • He quickly perceived, as a man of his inventiveness was sure to perceive, the superiority of letters of metal over those of wood.
  • Special attention is desirable as to national inventiveness and versatility in the production of new and surprising means of war or in development of methods that in any way contribute to a successful war effort.
  • Do they exhibit the common inventiveness displayed in almost every other walk of life, or do they even dress up their common platitudes in any other garb than the cast-off clothes of their predecessors?

Definition of Inventiveness

The quality of being inventive; the faculty of inventing.
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