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  • In the course of a few days inventories were made of the effects in the convents.
  • The silver was handsome and heavy, but items of silver in the earliest inventories are rare.
  • The latter appeared in the inventories of all genteel folk, and decorated the walls of all genteel parlors.
  • The ancient inventories of church goods show the deplorable loss of the valuables of the church which has taken place.
  • They would make inventories of all that the city possessed, and would find out approximately what were the resources at their disposal.
  • The number of individual drugs mentioned in various inventories was considerable, as evidenced by the listing on page 130.
  • It was a manufacture that was used for dresses as well as hangings, and is constantly mentioned in inventories and descriptions of the middle ages.
  • We have met with various instances of inventories or mention of "townes armour" in old constable accounts.
  • The captured cargoes were carried ashore; inventories were posted in the taprooms, and often the goods were sold within the welcoming tavern doors.
  • Old inventories always mention a pyx, a box or vessel of gold or silver, in which the Host was reserved for the sick and infirm.
  • In many New England inventories of the seventeenth century, among personal belongings, appears the word taster.
  • Dr. Lyon gives the names of seven New Englanders whose inventories date from 1671 to 1693, and who owned forks.
  • But placing reliance on everything that he was told, he had signed inaccurate reports and approved, without verification, of the annual inventories fraudulently prepared by the manager.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inventories | Inventories Sentence

  • The name appears not in inventories after the earliest years.
  • It is absurd to grumble at these Inventories of the Round Earth.

Definition of Inventories

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of inventory | plural of inventory
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