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  • But he could inventory nothing.
  • Providence inventory test in music.
  • It would be well to take an inventory of the effects.
  • At his death in 1825 no inventory of his estate was taken.
  • There, take the inventory and let us go downstairs.
  • How like an Inventory of Lechery she looks!
  • This is the inventory given in "Abstracts of Wills," 1:323.
  • The inventory is among the Harleian MSS.
  • And he went through the inventory again; but no, the caldron was not there.
  • However, this rather meager inventory of drugs probably was not inadequate.
  • I wished to take a mental inventory of myself, and see how much was left.
  • It accords in every detail with the inventory record of the Chapel of Hesdin.
  • They, however, took an inventory of all my articles, and carried it to Bello.

How To Use Inventory In A Sentence?

  • Verily this is an inventory of what under the circumstances was an inestimable prize.
  • The item of cupboard in any inventory was usually accompanied by that of a cupboard cloth.
  • Three of these passed in getting settled and in taking an inventory of her fellow-passengers.
  • A partial inventory of her visible apparel is ineffaceably stamped upon my mind.
  • An indiscreet curiosity prompted us to take an inventory of the riches deposited with us.
  • In taking an inventory of the number of wolves killed by the hounds, they found seven in all.
  • In half an hour he made a rough inventory based on the cost and present condition of the material.
  • In short, he took a mental inventory of himself, and the sum total was not pleasing.
  • In 1689 the value of a "peler-beare" in an inventory was given at three shillings.
  • A quick inventory showed nothing missing, and with a sigh Roger returned to the well.
  • Such was the inventory of spoils in this remote parish at the time of the Great Pillage.
  • Iron forks were used in the kitchen, as is shown in the inventory of Zerubbabel Endicott in 1683.
  • It is desirable that a complete inventory of these collections should be made as soon as possible.
  • It was the most serious of questions, and it led to an inventory being made of the contents of their pockets.
  • There is not yet any inventory of a man's faculties, any more than a bible of his opinions.
  • Prime gave her time to disappear and then went to draw the canoe out on the bank and to begin an inventory of the losses.
  • He altered the inventory in one or two minor points, in respect of articles broken by our predecessors.
  • He came back finally to the kitchen and looked into the cupboard, as though he was taking an inventory of her supply of provisions.
  • The realist writing about people tends to give an inventory of personal peculiarities, and a faithful report of all that is said and done.
  • I presented him an inventory of a little printing house, amounting, by my computation, to about one hundred pounds sterling.
  • Had it been written in prose or in the inventory style of poetry, it would have been forgotten long ago, like so much else of that kind.
  • By this time, in the inventory or "enroulment" of the estate of any person of note, we always find a clock mentioned.
  • With this inventory I strove (by particular request) to be one of those who were comfortable enough in the chateau adjoining.
  • According to the inventory of the executors of his will, he owned 8,000 shares of Pullman stock, valued at $800,000.
  • Upon taking an inventory of my pocket-book I found I only had about eight dollars left of the money my brother had loaned me.
  • This cathedral was wonderfully rich in plate and jewels, so much so that, as Dugdale says, the very inventory would fill a volume.
  • In studying the understanding Locke begins with the sources of knowledge; Penn with an inventory of our intellectual treasures....

Definition of Inventory

(transitive, operations) To take stock of the resources or items on hand; to produce an inventory. | (operations) The stock of an item on hand at a particular location or business. | (operations) A detailed list of all of the items on hand.
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