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  • We can not venture to investigate it.
  • Why investigate when you know?
  • Therefore we investigate the question of murder.
  • I am going to investigate these trees further.
  • I want you men of science to investigate me.
  • But I would investigate a little, first, dear.
  • Sitting up in bed he began to investigate the contents of the box.
  • Poor they are, but who is to care, or investigate the cause of their poverty?
  • Besides, thus far away he could not investigate closely, if he would.
  • The Swede did not bother to investigate in detail the food and water supply.
  • Taking new hope, Penny went to investigate the little ravine.
  • It is to be desired that some resident in India would investigate the Trablus.
  • Pep Smith, I'll investigate that stock of yours with the first break of dawn.

How To Use Investigate In A Sentence?

  • You certainly do not mean that you will not investigate this matter for yourself?
  • He appealed to the president to investigate the matter and to avenge his murder.
  • She could hardly wait for dinner to be over to investigate this new development.
  • This God was not willing that the Jews should think and investigate for themselves.
  • As a last resort Bunting was compelled to investigate the members of the Maioli Club.
  • About the only form of vice they will give you time to investigate will be what the taxi boy does to you.
  • In the matter of costs of working the writer has had to investigate several cases regarding which there was dissatisfaction.
  • Your first task will be to trail down and locate every leader of that group and to investigate his present activities.
  • A man who undertakes to investigate the supernatural would be expected to take precautions that no tricks were likely to be played upon him.
  • He began to investigate the diseased tissue of animals, and was rewarded with the discovery of the germs from which the disease had come.
  • He was delighted that the girls had finally consented, through a chain of circumstances, to investigate the queer manifestations.
  • Before all things, then, it is necessary to investigate each of these opinions, whether it be justly affirmed or no.
  • He began to investigate the causes and nature of contagion; but as late as 1876 his name was still unknown in the cyclopaedias.
  • Plato, equally great in mathematics and in metaphysics, is said to have been the first to investigate the properties of the ellipse.
  • This seemed to relieve her, and the Doctor proceeded to investigate the case as far as was necessary.
  • I began to have a suspicion that something was wrong, and I determined to investigate as far as it was possible to do so.
  • The big Cossack felt a stinging sensation in his left arm, but he did not pause to investigate the wound.
  • Until every soul is freely permitted to investigate every book, and creed, and dogma for itself, the world cannot be free.
  • In any event, Pasteur began to investigate hydrophobia, and at length discovered the bacilli which produce it.
  • Straightway they betook themselves to the mysterious Robert, who on arriving to investigate the affair was attired in a skin dyed in two colours.
  • It has remained, however, for the last half decade of the great century to come upon and investigate a hitherto unknown force in nature.
  • Peter decided to borrow a master key in the morning, from the chief engineer, perhaps, and investigate stateroom forty-four.
  • The object of my visit was to investigate the claim of a French prisoner that he is an American subject.
  • Perhaps mankind, incapable of judging motives, too impatient to investigate causes, is wise in adopting a short cut for its decisions.
  • Suppose for a moment that I am deputed to investigate something or other, and that I know the guilty person to be a certain gentleman.
  • Directly Mr. Winthrop had attended to matters at once claiming his attention on his return, he began to investigate my daily avocations.
  • This raving demon should be studied more by Catholics when they investigate the Peasants' Revolt.

Definition of Investigate

(transitive) To inquire into or study in order to ascertain facts or information. | (transitive) To examine, look into, or scrutinize in order to discover something hidden or secret. | (intransitive) To conduct an inquiry or examination.
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