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  • He finished his investigation and then left the cave.
  • It is a matter calling for investigation and exemplary punishment.
  • It furnishes suggestive clues to investigation and a check upon its results.
  • We sit here, after weeks of investigation, and listen to a homily.
  • The Committee quietly kept at its work of investigation and punishment.
  • For years he has given himself to investigation, and has seen the Impossible.

How To Use Investigation And In A Sentence?

  • Our next task is the investigation and the understanding of this dream distortion.
  • Here the fair and free investigation and examination of propositions is called poison.
  • Eloquent addresses were made and an elaborate plan for investigation and relief was outlined.
  • Signs of petroleum deposits have been strong enough to induce investigation and expenditure.
  • Has the candidate given evidence of his capacity for original investigation and production?
  • He had completed his investigation and with the other patrolman, started to leave the office.
  • It seems to be almost established by investigation and right reason that worlds die.
  • It was the report of the Committee of Investigation, and the whole world was ringing with it.
  • It was a splendid field for original investigation, and I applied myself to the Fang dialect.
  • She is the Sphinx of modern investigation, and man is not fated to be her OEdipus.
  • These are capable of proof and investigation, and are not affected by the unworthiness of her ministers.
  • It is that the patent was supposed to be granted at the very end of a process of investigation and scientific and engineering innovation.
  • Here was a subject that required very careful investigation, and he was always at his best when on his feet.
  • A couple of armed seamen mounted guard over them while the work of investigation and pillage continued.
  • This he had to a certain extent accomplished when summoned unexpectedly to undergo an investigation and meet the gravest accusations.
  • Just consider me as a man who has a bent for this particular form of investigation, and takes a delight in it.
  • The humorous side of the resulting investigation and trials of various minor malefactors were played up almost exclusively.
  • There is in this alone an interesting, useful, and profitable field for investigation and experiment.
  • A belief in special providence does away with the spirit of investigation, and is inconsistent with personal effort.
  • As the investigation and the autopsy showed, the murderer dealt the last blows after the people had been dead.
  • An immense moneyed interest was arrayed against investigation, and was determined to suppress the agitation of the subject.
  • All the ignorance, prejudice and malice of superstition were aroused and all united for the destruction of investigation and thought.
  • The detailed work of investigation and detection necessarily falls upon them, and they are specially vulnerable through their families.
  • In which case he first refers the case to one of his five assistants, for personal investigation and recommendation.
  • This is a new field of investigation, and the utmost care is necessary to avoid generalizing from insufficient data.
  • In other words, this evil as a subject of investigation and intelligent discussion among women was absolutely prohibited.
  • They desire to grievously limit the field of scientific investigation, and they assign to science a too restricted domain.
  • Historical writing has fittingly been called the aristocracy of literature; it requires long and patient investigation and yields meager returns.
  • Here, he tells us, he was "taught rigorous and pitiless methods of investigation and deduction.
  • Further investigation and search resulted in the discovery of sufficient evidence to convict Awtry of being a spy.
  • He had a faculty for this kind of investigation, and had been successful in a very complicated and baffling case at Balham.
  • A tribunal, having as its object the investigation and determination of matters pertaining to the commerce and trade of the Indies.
  • Judge Donald departed on a tour of investigation, and returned to say that there was no chance just at present of their getting away.
  • Force speaks with firmness and acts through the ultimatum; persuasion employs argument, courts investigation, and depends upon negotiation.
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