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  • Bunting began the investigation at once.
  • His industry in his chosen field of investigation was prodigious.
  • I had occasion to make a short tour of investigation this afternoon.
  • Under investigation they melt away into nothing but alarm and fiction.

How To Use Investigation In A Sentence?

  • A close investigation demonstrated to me that there was nothing missing from them.
  • This century has been the epoch of investigation into the nature of the imponderable forces.
  • I cannot imagine that he had a taste for study at any kind of investigation aside from politics.
  • Another investigation was on foot, evidently following on the lines of his own.
  • Has the candidate given evidence of his capacity for original investigation and production?
  • The investigation of the application is to be in the hands of the nearest local housing board.
  • Upon investigation he found to his surprise that it was a man, and entirely nude.
  • The formal investigation of the closed room was made in the presence of the police authorities.
  • The paper was of such a nature that I immediately began an investigation as to its genuineness.
  • And I'm terribly set on conducting this investigation in my own way, if you don't mind.
  • The investigation showed that Pelletier was born at Fontainebleau in France in the year 1819.
  • But investigation proved that they were no less mystified by the strange disappearance than he himself.
  • He entered into the investigation with no other purpose than to see what he could make of it as a college theme.
  • The present investigation of the shagbark began in the fall of 1949 and continued through the summer of 1953.
  • The investigation showed that the discrepancy was only apparent, and the criticisms and complaints ceased.
  • This he had to a certain extent accomplished when summoned unexpectedly to undergo an investigation and meet the gravest accusations.
  • Therefore, no very searching investigation has been made into the dead man's papers.
  • Mezquita asks for a thorough investigation of this case, so that the fleet may be cleared of traitors.
  • The investigation showed that a portion of the lumber was placed upon the deck when there was space below where it might have been stored.
  • The detailed work of investigation and detection necessarily falls upon them, and they are specially vulnerable through their families.
  • The investigation showed no real neglect from the point of view of the court, but a situation that needed supervision.
  • This is never to be questioned, and no investigation is permitted to be conducted, in pursuit of the question of history.
  • Indeed, no investigation or analysis of the raw rubber can enable one to foresee exactly how the rubber will behave on vulcanisation.
  • Further investigation and search resulted in the discovery of sufficient evidence to convict Awtry of being a spy.
  • The first step in the investigation is of course to ascertain, whenever it is possible, the most ancient forms in which these names are found.
  • Before an investigation could be made, the horses began to rear and plunge, and the sentinels called out they were breaking loose.
  • The first great work of Pasteur in biological investigation was his successful demonstration of the impossibility of spontaneous generation.
  • On careful investigation these insects will prove to be nearly all ants, and, perhaps, to belong to a single species.
  • The Bermuda Company had been dragged into the investigation chiefly because of the close ties joining it to the older company.
  • This is never to be questioned, and no investigation is permitted to be conducted, in pursuit of the question of history.
  • After months of investigation into the properties of other chemicals the writers decided that the only one which satisfactorily answered all requirements was sodium bisulphite.
  • Reassured, as I recalled these facts, I did not get up to make any investigation as to the cause of the noise.
  • However if we consider the matter more carefully it will be seen that the investigation is not yet completed, and therefore ought by no means to be condemned.
  • In the investigation which followed one of the women, O'Take, had made full confession.
  • With the rise of scientific investigation under the influence of inductive philosophy, all kinds of contrivances for the production of artificial light were improved.
  • The fact of the discrepancy was reported to Congress and the progress made in the investigation was noted in the appendix to the Annual Reports.

Definition of Investigation

The act of investigating; the process of inquiring into or following up; research, especially patient or thorough inquiry or examination
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