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  • The investigator laughed.
  • The investigator threw down the paper.
  • Early experimenter and investigator with aeroplanes.
  • The investigator shrugged his shoulders.
  • This he held up so that the investigator might read it.
  • My zeal as an investigator does not go so far as that.
  • They will make you investigator in all important cases.
  • To an occult investigator the fact appears differently.
  • The investigator felt the blood prickle beneath his skin.
  • The investigator turned to Pendleton.
  • Both Pendleton and the investigator sat down.
  • A further test has to be applied by each investigator for himself.
  • By way of an answer the investigator held up the photograph once more.
  • The first duty of the investigator was to find out whether that was true.
  • An investigator must be on his guard against using quotations of this kind.
  • The investigator settled back after giving the chauffeur his next stop.
  • Instantly the investigator paused; once more a gesture bade him be seated.
  • On Saturday, November 17, 1917, the investigator was again in Union Springs.

How To Use Investigator In A Sentence?

  • The man lit the cigar which the investigator handed him and drew at it appreciatively.
  • Again the car started with the investigator deep in the sheaf of papers which he had purchased.
  • Its vagaries must be experienced and studied by any investigator of the atrocities of war.
  • Then she settled back with the contented sigh of an investigator whose surmise has proved correct.
  • Darkly the investigator painted the gambling evil of the New York of the sixties.
  • One or more feet can be dyed when the investigator handles the animal in releasing it from the trap.
  • But they had not gone more than a few yards when the investigator paused as though struck with an idea.
  • There was a different policeman at the door; but fortunately he knew the investigator and they were allowed to enter at once.
  • The investigator leaned back and began drumming upon the arm of his chair with his long supple fingers.
  • If we are to follow the spiritual investigator into this region, it is however necessary to admit that there is such a thing as psychic perception.
  • The gas in the hall was lighted; the investigator stopped at the foot of the stairs leading to the fourth floor.
  • Until some other investigator succeeds to more practical purpose, the rest of us must go periodically to the barber.
  • The border may not be genuine, but we dare any Catholic investigator to disprove the genuineness of the hole.
  • In order to take observations properly, the investigator should be absolutely impartial, unprejudiced, and unbiased by any preconceived notions.
  • The physical investigator cannot take up his work in the spirit of controversy; for the phenomena and laws of Nature will not argue with him.
  • At one home, where an investigator applied for a "place," the housekeeper complained that her last maid was untidy.
  • As they proceeded down the street toward the house in which the newspapers had informed them Spatola lived, the investigator paused suddenly.
  • An investigator in Mississippi reports the following: The school population is 60 per cent colored.
  • The investigator was seated in his usual big chair, buried to the knees in newspapers, and making vigorous inroads upon the Greek tobacco.
  • A distinguished investigator in science said that when he encountered an apparently insuperable obstacle, he usually found himself upon the brink of some discovery.
  • This zealous investigator into the etiology of tuberculosis has thus exposed himself in a courageous way for the benefit of science, to the effects of a most dangerous and merciless disease.
  • Again, as a scientific investigator he has given us the Laryngoscope, which Huxley placed among the most important inventions of the medical world.

Definition of Investigator

One who investigates.
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