Investments In A Sentence

Definition of Investments

plural of investment

How To Use Investments In A Sentence?

  • His income from these properties and from his many varied lines of investments was stupendous.
  • They made two or three investments that gave them quick returns and large profits.
  • Our poets and men of letters mostly live either by writing or by investments eked out by writing.
  • Yet you saved money, and took advantage of small, solid investments now and then.
  • Schultz tells me that my investments in the Chinese railroads are going badly, too.
  • Indeed there remain no countries of importance for investments except those of South America.
  • You may thank Heaven, Cosden, that your investments are not in speculative stocks!
  • It was a remnant of the good old time, when interest-bearing investments were not the only ones allowed.
  • If present market value is to be taken as the test, none of these investments are now saleable above a nominal figure.
  • Its managers are as a rule intelligent men, competent to make safe investments in solid securities.
  • Moreover, concerns dealing with large and long term investments can consider a lower interest rate.
  • Finance looks for advantages overseas, when there are quite as safe investments at home paying quite as large profits.
  • Why should she be made uncomfortable, just because Archie had been foolish about investments and felt hard up?
  • Of course, if his investments went up, as they might if there was a revolution, he would be pretty rich.
  • Mrs. Errington was thinking about her latest investments and watching the golden walls grow higher about her.
  • Marcel started out on his new career with a thumping salary; Stanislaws advised investments and speculations.
  • A portion of the loans of many banks consists of investments in solid bonds, but the bulk of the loans of banks is made on commercial paper.
  • For safe investments with such a margin of profit, it is to be hoped that money, even if dear at home, will be forthcoming.
  • All my investments are turning out so well, that the money is coming in much faster than I can get rid of it!
  • The third reason is that France has very large investments and credit resources outside, and can still summon money from abroad.
  • Are they to be limited down in their reward to the pure interest which they could have obtained for their capital from investments in bonds and debentures?
  • Some states, like Indiana, are making large investments to promote training in domestic science in the schools of the state.
  • This shows a general consensus of opinion among German authorities that their net foreign investments were upwards of $6,250,000,000.
  • The horrible thought occurred to her that perhaps he might refer in some way to investments or something that might lead her husband to make inquiry.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Investments | Investments Sentence

  • All my investments are in buildings in safe quarters.
  • A large amount of these foreign investments has been sold.
  • He talked of various investments then, and of the weather.
  • He lost on some of his investments and had to go abroad again.
  • Foreign investments are raising insuperable barriers to war.
  • The balance represents the investments of private individuals.
  • He will naturally compare it with other investments having less disadvantages.
  • I am afraid your investments in that concern are utterly lost.
  • In making investments the first and main thing to be studied is safety.
  • Archie could hardly go so wrong in investments as to make away with all of it.
  • By early and judicious investments in real estate he acquired wealth.
  • I made one or two investments that didn't turn out well.
  • A home is one of the best investments for every one of moderate means.
  • But investments had gone badly, and returns went down as expenses went up.
  • He named some of the Trisystem Investments people and some of the bankers.

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